15 “Literal” Photographs You’ll Get a Kick out Of


If the first picture isn’t any indication then you’ll never understand what these photos are all about.   I tell ya though.  You gotta have lots of spare time to find pictures and then attach the literal meanings to them.   Either that or you have to have a lot of spare time to create pictures that have the literal meanings.

Either way, since we didn’t have to do it, I figure it would be fun to locate a whole bunch of photos that have “literal” meanings.

Enough with the explanation.  Pictures are after the jump….

Credit to Popcrunch for these

Two Feet of Snow

Six Pack Abs

Smart Ass

Sex Tape

Wedding Crashers

Children At Play

Gun Fire

When News Hits Home


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  1. And Children at Play should be “Child Playing”

    And Periodic Table should be “Table and Bench Made Out of Periodic Table”

    The rest are good though.

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