10 Things You Didn’t Know about Proxima Midnight

Proxima Midnight is a supervillain in Marvel Comics. She is a member of Thanos’s Black Order, which was the source of inspiration for the Children of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Proxima Midnight:

1. Recent Introduction

There are a lot of comic book characters who have existed for decades and decades. However, Proxima Midnight isn’t one of them. Instead, her first appearance was in the half latter of 2012, meaning that she is a new character when compared to a lot of the famous figures who dominate Marvel Comics’s shared setting.

2. Had One Creator

It isn’t uncommon for comic book characters to have more than one creator because of the collaboration process. However, Proxima Midnight is interesting in that she was the one member of the Black Order who was designed by Jonathan Hickman with no input from other people.

3. Married to Corvus Glaive

Besides being one of Thanos’s servants, Proxima Midnight has one other notable relationship, which would be her marriage with Corvus Glaive. In short, said character is the leader of the Black Order, who is said to have betrayed his own people for the chance to serve under Thanos as his second-in-command.

4. Chosen for Her Combat Capabilities

Different members of the Black Order were chosen for different capabilities. For example, Corvus Glaive’s status as a capable combatant helped, but it was his tactical capabilities that provided him with his spot as the team leader. Meanwhile, Proxima Midnight was included in the Black Order because of her combat capabilities.

5. Possesses the Standard Package of Superpowers

For starters, Proxima Midnight possesses the standard package of superpowers that puts her far beyond normal humans. In short, this means that she possesses considerable measures of super strength, super speed, and super toughness, which are wholly unsurprising when she is supposed to be a physical threat on the more cosmic side of things in the Marvel Comics setting.

6. Can Survive Planetary Reentry

To get a general idea of Proxima Midnight’s superhuman status, it is interesting to note that she is capable of surviving planetary reentry on her own with no injuries whatsoever. This is very impressive because when someone enters a planetary atmosphere, their speed is exchanged for heat, so much so that the surrounding air will start turning into plasma. Never mind the potential for tumbles that can send more fragile beings into blackouts that will be more or less impossible for them to recover from before they impact the ground.

7. Her Spear Is Pretty Overkill

With that said, what makes Proxima Midnight really dangerous is her spear, which to sum it up in a single phrase, is pretty overkill. In short, the story claims that it was made for a star that was trapped in distorted space-time by Thanos with the result that it was showing properties of a star, a supernova, and a black hole. Regardless, the spear didn’t demonstrate any of the effects that such celestial bodies would have on their surroundings, but it was capable of restraining even the Hulk until he reverted to Bruce Banner by weighing him down.

8. Her Spear Is Poisonous

For whatever reason, Proxima Midnight’s spear is also very, very poisonous on top of being capable of restraining the Hulk. Combined with a very good throwing arm on the part of its wielder, this ability enables the spear to kill a wide range of entities in a matter of moments, which in one case, even included someone made out of living energy.

9. Has Been On Each of the Different Versions of the Black Order

So far, there have been four different versions of the Black Order, which would be Thanos’s first version, Corvus Glaive’s version, Thanos’s second version, and the Challenger’s version. Proxima Midnight is unusual in that she has been a member in each of the four versions.

10. Killed By Hela

With that said, Proxima Midnight’s time on Thanos’s second version of the Black Order came to a rather un-glamorous end at the hands of Hela. In short, Thanos sent out both Proxima Midnight and Black Swan with Hela to retrieve a version of Mjolnir from the Collector’s ship. When the trio returned in failure, Hela decided to kill the other two to prove that she was still capable of helping Thanos reach his goals.

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