10 Things You Didn’t Know about Pokemon Natures

For people who want to make sure that their Pokemon are as powerful as possible, it is important to pay attention to their natures. This is because a Pokemon’s nature has a notable impact on its stats, thus either making it better or worse-suited for its optimal uses. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Pokemon natures:

1. Nature Impacts Two Stats

A Pokemon impacts two of their stats. First, it increases one stat. Second, it decreases another stat. In total, there are five stats, which are Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. As a result, there are 25 potential natures.

2. Some Natures Are Neutral Stat-wise

There are some natures that are neutral stat-wise. This is because they increase and decrease the same stat, meaning that their effects cancel out. For example, Hardy both increases and decreases Attack, meaning that there is a net of zero. Likewise, Docile both increases and decreases Defense, meaning that there is a net of zero in this case as well. The other three neutral natures are Bashful, Quirky, and Serious.

3. Determines Both Favorite and Least Favorite Flavors

It is interesting to note that a Pokemon’s nature determines its favorite and least favorite flavors. This is because a Pokemon’s favorite flavor is determined by the stat that is increased, much as how its least favorite flavor is determined by the stat that is decreased. For those who are curious, Attack is connected with Spicy, Defense is connected with Sour, Special Attack is connected with Dry, Special Defense is connected with Bitter, and Speed is connected with Sweet.

4. Nature Is Determined When the Pokemon Is Generated

A Pokemon’s nature is determined when the Pokemon is generated by the game. This means that there is no point to hatching the same egg again and again in hopes of getting a different nature because it is already fixed by the time that it is received as an egg.

5. Nature Cannot Be Changed

Speaking of which, there is no official method for changing a Pokemon’s nature. As a result, what players get is what players have to play with if they choose to continue using the Pokemon.

6. Nature Can Be Passed On

Everstones can be used to pass on natures from parents to their children. However, the rules have seen some changes over time. For example, this used to be limited to female Pokemon but has since been expanded to include male Pokemon as well. Likewise, the chance used to be 50 percent but has now been increased to 100 percent.

7. Different Pokemon Are Better-Suited for Different Natures

Naturally, different Pokemon are better-suited for different natures. After all, different Pokemon have different paths for victory, meaning that they do better with different bonuses and can better put up with different maluses.

8. Pokemon Can Do Well with a Number of Natures

With that said, it is perfectly possible for the same species of Pokemon to do well with a number of different natures. For example, some people like a Jolly nature for their Charizards because they want physical attackers, whereas other people like a Timid nature for their Charizards because they want special attackers. Moreover, there are people who choose either Hasty or Naive Charizards because they want a mixed attacker that can go fast even if it comes at a cost to their defensive capabilities.

9. Has Various Effects in Various Games

Besides a Pokemon’s stats, Pokemon natures have had various effects in various other games as well. For example, a Pokemon’s nature will determine its battle style in the Battle Palace and the Battle Tent. Likewise, a Shadow Pokemon’s nature determined the effectiveness of the various purification methods that were used upon them.

10. It Exists Within the Setting

Some people might be curious if Pokemon natures exist as a concept within the Pokemon setting itself. If so, they should know that it is indeed a thing, as shown by the fact that the character Ruby from Pokemon Adventures is capable of detecting a Pokemon’s nature with a few seconds’ worth of observation. Something that makes him capable of distracting hostile Pokemon by tossing out food that is suited to their particular tastes.

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