Street Graffiti Worples at ReMap KM: A parallel project of the 1st Bienalle of Athens


REmap KM is a project running parallel to the 1st International Athens Art Biennial, taking place from September – November 2007 at the Kerameikos/Metaxourgeio (KM) downtown district of Athens. It aims to offer an additional strand to the conceptual & methodological context of the “Destroy Athens” Biennial by engaging with a particular area of Athens & redefining the inhabitation & utilization of different sites through diverse & distributed means.

REmap KM is an experiment on psychogeographic maps created by transitory spaces, a process of indeterminate & mutable form that gives rise to a multi-layered & incomplete cartography of the KM district. Through ephemeral art interventions, platforms and installations, the intention is to open up different possibilities for linking the tangible world of buildings, streets & urban landscapes with contemporary art practices, social networks & modes of communication.

REmap KM includes the Athens Biennial’s off-site projects, international art galleries’ shows, an open-air video-art & film screening program, street art & graffiti interventions, an environmental program & various independent architecture & fashion projects. These will all be presented in different settings, including fully functional as well as derelict buildings, lots & public spaces, distributed around several blocks of the KM area and in close proximity to Technopolis, the Biennial’s main exhibition venue.

Picture from AdamOn

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