10 Pre-1985 Gaming Commercials Just for the Fun of It


It’s hard to imagine a time when there weren’t amazing gaming consoles on the market.  I mean today it feels endless.  You’ve got your Wii, Play Station, XBox, portable devices, and even your computer can do some pretty high tech video game stuff.

But back in the 70s and 80s you had a bunch of systems duking it out.  And when there weren’t gaming systems?  You had your board games.  Wow, board games.

For no reason whatsoever I decided to collect 10 commercials before 1985 from the world of gaming.


Fonze Pinball


Zaxxon Arcade Game by Sega


Henry Thomas From E.T.

1982 Intellivision Commercial

The Most Awkward Commercial Ever

Pete Rose and Don Knotts 1978

70s MAD Magazine Board Game

What the Hell is Mush Mouth?

70’s Trouble Board Game Commercial


Lite Brite 70’s Ad

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