10 Awesome Predator Mashup Videos

Predator has always been one of my favorite sci-fi/action movies, and judging by the sequel, spinoffs, comics, and fan videos, I’m probably not alone.  With fan videos and mashups on the web, there’s really two directions in which to go: humorous, ridiculous mashups or badass, violent mashups. 

Fortunately, both types work pretty well, and I found what I thought were 10 of the best.  Some involve the Predator or Predators, but others feature Dutch and his boys.  Either way, they’re all pretty good. Take a look at 10 awesome Predator mashup videos:

Arnold, Poncho, and Anna vs. Germans from Saving Private Ryan:

To Catch a Predator featuring…The Predator:

Dutch and his men hunting John Rambo:

Predator vs. Rambo:


Predator vs. Aliens vs. Lloyd Christmas:

Hmmm…Predator mashed up with Air Force One, The Fugitive, and Species:


Predator vs. The Ewoks:

Predator in Apocalypto:

This one is great – Predator vs. Terminator vs. Robocop:

The most impressive of all – Batman vs. Predator:


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