10 Awesome Examples of Today’s Video Games into Atari Format

I don’t know about you guys but I miss the days of Atari.  By no means am I saying that Atari games of old are better than today’s games.  I just miss all the fun simplistic things.   Sounds and movements used to be so important back then.  One little ping and you would jump for joy.  Or when a guy fell in Pitfall it was such a letdown.

It’s a good thing the folks at Something Awful also love Atari.  They asked their users to put their graphic skills to work and create Atari formats for today’s games.

We have ten results that are awesome….

Mass Effect 2


Mass Effect

Plants Vs Zombies

Robot Unicorn Attack

The next five are just as awesome……

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  1. wow, that rendition of metroid looks just like the original metroid, and the zelda has a distinct look lith the first one did too. This article is really a bunch of crap :\ the only realy “today” game on this list is mass effect and you put both 1 and 2 in the list, what about say god of war, heavy rain, C.O.D gears of war, halo, these would have been acceptable for “today” games.

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