Eight Video Game Kills that Made Me Feel Guilty in Freestyle Unrhymed Poetry


Video games may not desensitize us to killing the real world, but the virtual one? Absolutely. When 90% of games have you killing things at all times, it’s bound to happen.But we don’t mourn for those fallen soldiers we gun down in Call of Duty or Covenant we blast apart in Halo. They had it coming. They deserved it.

That’s not always the case though. Sometimes, you feel bad about killing an enemy in a game. “Enemy” might not even be the right term much of the time. I don’t know why, but I decided the best format for this post would be eight odes of freestyle unrhymed poetry, dedicated to each of the fallen. Read on to see what I mean.

Beaver (Assassin’s Creed 3)


Little beaver

I’m sorry you don’t have teeth like the cougar

I’m sorry you don’t have claws like the bear

I’m sorry you’re not fast like the rabbit

I’m sorry you’re not sneaky like the raccoon

But you’re pudgy and slow and your fur is worth its weight in gold

I hope you didn’t feel my blade

I hope there’s a heaven for beavers

Giant (Skyrim)


You were so brave

The dragon was chasing me

And I happened to run into your camp

You leapt at the chance to defend your mammoths

The dragon’s flame seared your flesh, but you were undeterred

I shot arrows from a far, letting you soak up claws and teeth

We took it down together, you and I

But your tiny brain couldn’t grasp the concept

You saw me there, bow in hand

I don’t want your mammoths

Don’t charge at me


We made a great team you and I

Even if you didn’t know it

The mammoths still visit the site where you fell to my bow

They miss you

So do I

Machop – Pokemon


Many Pokemon are cute

This much I know

But there’s something that bothers me about Machop

He’s human, almost

Not quite, but close enough

And he’s so young. He doesn’t look more than six or seven

Too young to be enslaved and fight

Too young to be burned by fire or frozen by ice

Why is it that he should fight

And we should not?

Because he can only say his name?


But I bet he has hopes, dreams he can’t express

But we’ll never know

“Machop! Machop!”

I can see the pain in his eyes

Tiger (Far Cry 3)


Hey friend

Remember that time

When the bad pirates had you locked up

And I set you free and you ate all of them?

I laughed and laughed in the bushes

But then you saw me

And you didn’t know it was me who set you free

You leapt

I shot

Goodbye friend

I wish things could have been different