A Truly Terrifying Gallery of Pokemon from Hell

I thought I’d found all the epic Pokemon art galleries that existed on the internet, but I’ve stumbled across one that is without a doubt the most memorable so far. There’s a mysterious DeviantArt account simply called PokemonfromHell, and that’s literally all they draw, demonic versions of Pokemon that I’m certain are now going to make me have nightmares.

The visuals are fantastic, the images disturbing, and I’m highly impressed that he (or she) is able to even make Pokemon like Bellsprout and Caterpie horrifying. I’ve pulled out a bunch for you to check out below, and mostly stuck with the original 150 as those are ones most of us will recognize.

If he can make me scared of Jigglypuff, I’m worried to see what he could do with the other characters.   And while we acknowledge this an original post from 2011, tell us it doesn’t hold up today!



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