A Truly Terrifying Gallery of Pokemon from Hell

I thought I’d found all the epic Pokemon art galleries that existed on the internet, but I’ve stumbled across one that is without a doubt the most memorable so far. There’s a mysterious DeviantArt account simply called PokemonfromHell, and that’s literally all they draw, demonic versions of Pokemon that I’m certain are now going to make me have nightmares.

The visuals are fantastic, the images disturbing, and I’m highly impressed that he (or she) is able to even make Pokemon like Bellsprout and Caterpie horrifying. I’ve pulled out a bunch for you to check out below, and mostly stuck with the original 150 as those are ones most of us will recognize.

If he can make me scared of Jigglypuff, I’m worried to see what he could do with the other characters.   And while we acknowledge this an original post from 2011, tell us it doesn’t hold up today!


  • Gabriel

    These are so awesome! It’s funnt though that the least terrifiying one to me is the one of the actual ghost lol.

  • M

    hah. Ghastly looks .. relatively normal.

  • tuffy

    hahaha this is awesome!

  • Wite Boy

    omg YES!

    FUCK rattata. hate those damn things

  • Drbagt

    The lapras one is extremely creepy to me :/

  • This is the awesomeness I find when Googling myself. xD
    For the record, I’m a she. I know a lot of people assume I’m a male because I draw horror-genre artwork. I do so enjoy breaking stereotypes.
    Anyways, I just wanted to say I’m outright flattered to find such an amazing feature on your webzine. Thanks for the feedback and heck, even for the additional publicity. Means a lot, and I’m thrilled to know you enjoy my work.

    Have yourself an awesome day and sorry about the nightmares. ;D

    – The PFH Project

    PS. I have Charizard and Mewtwo now. 😉

  • Hazzard

    More, I demand more!!!

  • itsbinkl182

    Nintendo + Capcom = Pokemon Rising?

  • Charlene

    Love the Vaporeon- always been my favorite Pokemon

  • White

    I love the NedoKing. There should be NedoQueen as well. Just asking.