10 Trailers for Movie Sequels That Don’t Exist (Yet)


I’ll be honest – I could go for a new Jaws movie.  No, I don’t think the most recent sequels were very good, but there’s something about a giant shark lurking through the water to a John Williams score only to eviscerate an unfortunate swimmer that gets me amped up.  Some formulas just work, I guess.

Judging by some of the videos on the Internet, I’m not alone.  But it’s not just Jaws sequels that people are pining for; there are fan-made trailers for yet-to-be released sequels all over the place.  Not all are great, but I managed to find some pretty cool ones (the Ghostbusters one is insane).  I do have a feeling that we’ll inevitably see these actual sequels released at some point – a very strong feeling, actually – but in the meantime, enjoy 10 trailer for movie sequels that don’t exist…yet.

Ghostbusters Go to Hell


Jaws 5: Resurface


Rocky 7: Clubber’s Revenge


Terminator Invasion


Alien 5


Batman 3


X-Men 4


Transformers 3


Spider-Man 4


Superman: The Man of Steel


  • Kristoph

    Damn it!!! I jumped out of my seat when I saw that poster!

    Then turned my head to my calendar on the wall and said no way! This month!?… Then I saw the title. 🙁

  • Vince

    Ha, these are awesome! Check out Grayson. This is probably my favorite.

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  • ChetLemon

    You missed the coolest and most creative trailer on the web — Thundercats the movie.


    Come on, man!

  • Madison

    @ ChetLemon

    Pretty sure Thundercats isn’t a sequel.

  • Tishy

    I think The Riddler would be an awesome villain for the next Batman movie, but I swear to god, if it ends up being Johnny Depp, I will shoot someone.

  • Steve

    Gotta be honest. After hearing that epic/orchestral/singing/chanting music is nearly all these trailers, by the time I got to the last one I was expecting to hear the chanting from that episode of South Park with Damien.


  • Carmen

    In the episode of The Simpson’s where Bart has to go to Shelbyville to get back the lemon tree, he mentions “Rocky VII: Adrian’s Revenge.”

  • Madison

    @ Carmen

    How about in Spaceballs when someone mentions Rocky 5…thousand?

  • Bert

    If I’m not mistaken, Ghostbusters 3 is currently in development…

  • RUSerious?

    Whoever designed that poster deserves a medal.

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