Behind the Scenes of a Bunch of Classic Movies

There can be behind the scenes shots taken for about every movie ever made, but some are far more funny than others. Yeah, it could be kind of funny to see Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock making funny faces at each other on the set of The Proposal, but it’s nothing compared to a Faun eating some lunch or some Stark children playing Poker.

These films are generally pretty fantastical, but because it’s often not worth it to get out of costume, during breaks the opportunity for some pretty funny shots arise. From Lord of the Rings to Planet of the Apes to of course, Star Wars, here are some of the best views behind the curtain.

And yes, that’s Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman making funny faces like I was saying with Reynolds and Bullock, but c’mon, that’s an awesome picture.


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