A Rather Depressing Gallery of Fat Superheroes


What happens when superheroes just sort of give up on the whole “hero” thing, and really let themselves go? Well, as you’re about to see, the results aren’t often pretty, and there’s a reason only the physically fit should legally be allowed to wear spandex.

Check out this gallery of pudgy crime fighters, and then for one reason or another, I can almost guarantee you’ll skip lunch today.

Fat Spiderman




Fat Iron Man


Fat Superman


Fat Wonder Woman


Fat Wolverine




Fat Flash (shouldn’t this be physically impossible?)


Fat She-Hulk


Fat Batman




Get it?

  • Madison

    That second Wolverine is by far the worst. As for the Flash, it looks like that guy has a pretty good sense of humor about himself.

  • WhatItIs


  • illeaturfamily

    I lol’d at the last pic of val kilmer there. also, i thought there was a black storm trooper painted on the wall behind him before i put my glasses on

  • Asswipe Johnson

    You’re plain wrong about Fat Wonder Woman. That one’s a clear WIN.

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  • ExtaExtra

    I love the Woverine butter knives. Awesome.

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  • Jblue

    The claws on the 2nd wolverine are butter knives. Ha ha ha!!!

  • N.S. Sherlock

    ^^ Looks like we have a new superhero… Captain Obvious ^^

  • Yikes

    Do you realize the last Spidey is NUDE and is actually wearing only body paint?

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  • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    What, Tron Guy doesn’t count as a superhero?

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  • rodolfo

    van kilmer’s one its the best!!! jaja
    in 2nd comes the butter knifes wolverine what a looser!!!

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  • Elaine

    Does Wonder Woman have her depends hanging out from under her shorts?

  • Why has nobody but me noticed that Val Kilmer now looks like Chaz Bono? Or vice versa?

  • Ray

    The worst:
    1- Fat wonder woman
    2- Fat Superman
    3- Fat Flash

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  • And this is why I wisely gave up on cosplaying years ago.

  • amanda

    They must be american!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Wow.

  • I would embrace my destiny as a super hero, but alas, I know my pic would just end up here. *sniff*

  • I’d have to test with you here. Which is not one thing I often do! I enjoy studying a post that will make folks think. Additionally, thanks for permitting me to comment!

  • Rocca

    my friend is similar to that iron fat :D, and the second wolverine is a very, but a really fail

  • There’s pretty fat just a lil fatter than me

  • loll

    that awkward moment when the first spiderman is my cousin….

  • loll

    second one**

  • Kyle Basa

    Author looks like a real douche. He has nor room to criticize.