10 Memorable Bathroom Scenes in Movies

The Shining

Some of the most classic scenes in movies take place in a very private and sacred room for most of us: the bathroom.  In my eyes, a bathroom immediately adds a comedic element.   For some reason when a person is speaking to me from a bathroom I always tend to grin.  I guess it’s just funny associating someone having a real conversation while doing their business.  I mean, even just using the word “John” is funny if you ask me.  P.S. ever why a bathroom is called the John?  This is a very interesting piece on it.

On the other hand, a bathroom can provide much of a twist.  For example, a fight might take place in there.  Or even a very serious conversation.  Those moment are heightened just by the fact that the people are among thte toilets.

In any event, I’ve found ten bathroom scenes that I deemed pretty memorable.  Some are funny (most are), and a few are serious.  Either way, you’ll probably recognize them immediately.

By the way, if you don’t like potty humor then these scenes might not be for you.

Wedding Crashers

This is the scene where I first fell in love with Isla Fisher.  If she’s anything like that in person then forget about it.

The Shining

Quite a disturbing scene.

Harold and Kumar – Battle Sh*ts

Did I just say the Shining Scene was disturbing?  Something tells me this game didn’t exactly sweep the nation after the movie came out.

Dumb and Dumber

Probably the most classic diarrhea scene in movie history.

Austin Powers

Who does number 2 work for!!!

Not Another Teen Movie

I don’t know why but for some reason this scene always makes me laugh.  Except for that annoying guy pretending to be Asian.  I hate that dude.


Most classic bathroom scene of all time.

American History X

I couldn’t find the one where Furlong gets shot but this scene is just as good.

Eastern Promises

I didn’t show the whole clip but what ensues is a very bloody and very naked fight.  Probably the most memorable bathroom fight scene ever.

Cable Guy –  Beating

*I couldn’t find the American Pie one where Finch drops a bomb.   Also, I love the bathroom scene in Along Came Polly where Alec Baldwin is slapping Ben Stiller’s ass (couldn’t find that one either).


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