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Apr 18 2014

Turns Out the Bastard of Bolton Can Sing

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Now that (ENORMOUS GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS LOOK AWAY NOW) King Tiny-face is dead, the next most hated character on the show immediately shifts to Ramsay Snow, the Bastard of Bolton, whom we saw hunting a girl through the woods last week for sport. He’s being an evil dick to a formerly hated character, Theon Grejoy, now known as Reek, and their story is among the most interesting going forward in my eyes.

But the actor who plays Ramsay? Much like Jack Gleeson as Joffrey, he’s the opposite of the character in real life. Iwan Rheon’s first big break was in the rather good UK’s Misfits, but he’s also a hell of a singer, as seen above. It’s really weird to see Ramsay Snow singing like an angel, but it’s worthwhile. Check it out.

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Apr 18 2014

The Best Thing of the Week: Time is a Flat Circus

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Family Circus has long been known as the most useless comic in the newspaper (among many useless comics in the newspaper these days), but now it’s found new life in the form of the Tumblr “Time is a Flat Circus.

True Detective fans might already get the reference, and yes, it’s a host of Family Circus cartoons matched up with Rust Cohle quotes from the show. It’s honestly the best thing I’ve seen in a long time, and all of the ones released so far are perfect.

Check out the best ones below: Continue Reading »

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Apr 18 2014

If George RR Martin Wrote Mad Men

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mad men3

It’s yet another “If George RR Martin Wrote” image from JoyofTech, and you’ll remember the last time they did this for Breaking Bad no doubt.

Neither of these shows fit too terribly well into the mold of Westeros and its existing characters, but it’s funny to see them try all the same. I think the Campbell/Joffrey comparison is particularly apt, but Sally Draper WISHES she was Arya Stark.

[via GeeksAreSexy]

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Apr 17 2014

Mike Wrobel is Back With a Few New ’90s Game of Thrones Entries

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game 90

You will all remember Mike Wrobel’s series of 90s-themed Game of Thrones characters. Well, he’s continued to make them all this time, and now that season four has rolled around, I figured I’d go back and scoop up the ones I missed.

There are I think five that I don’t remember posting before, my favorite being the sweater-wearing Tormund above. You can see the others below and honestly, I’m not sure what characters are left to feature. Maybe new ones like Oberyn Martell and Daario. Check out the rest below: Continue Reading »

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Apr 17 2014

Sam Spratt’s Beautiful Queen of Dragons

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sam spratt

Sam Spratt is no stranger to this site, and has more talent at 25 years old than I do uh, at a few years old than that. The guy is an absolutely incredible artist with corporate clients ranging from National Geographic to Game Informer to FX.

Today, he’s turned his attention to Game of Thrones and has released this gorgeous Daenerys Targaryen piece. I’m not sure if it was for HBO directly, but they should damn well pay him a bunch for it and use it somehow. Really incredible work, and I’d love to see him do more of the cast.

[via Nerd Approved]

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Apr 16 2014

Disney Firefly is Just Plain Shiny

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(click to enlarge)

I’m sort of in love with this Disney version of Firefly, like that’s any surprise. Artist Stephen Byrne has transformed the series into animated form, with nary a princess to be found.

I actually like how he’s fully adapted the characters into Disney archetypes, with River literally being a little girl, and Book uh, a little wizard, or something. But both fit well. Wash looks suspiciously like a blonde Joss Whedon, and I can’t tell if that’s on purpose or not.

[via NerdApproved]

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Apr 16 2014

Space Dandy: An Inconsequentially Entertaining Anime Acid Trip… In Space!

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Space Dandy is the latest anime from legendary director Shinichiro Watanabe, creator of the gold-standard series Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. The show is a sci-fi, action, adventure, comedy mishmash that, to quote Bender, “transcends genres even as it reinvents them.” Borrowing trappings from every anime stereotype imaginable as well as Western cultural artifacts like 70s cop dramas or Elvis’s beach movies from the 50s, Space Dandy proves itself a satisfying romp through the cosmos, albeit with little message or consequence. And that’s just fine with me.

A proverbial “show about nothing” in the tradition of Seinfeld or the film The Big Lebowski, Space Dandy is all about having fun with a cast of quirky reprobates. The episodic nature of the show often throws continuity out the window; the plots run the gamut from thrilling to disposable, and they never advance past one episode despite the inclusion of the iconic tsuzuku message before the credits (which translates roughly as “To be continued…”).

In Space Dandy, though, nothing ever does continue. Each episode starts off on the same footing, and even if the eponymous hero is blown up in a planet-engulfing fireball, he’ll be back next week with no explanation needed. Thus, in Space Dandy‘s universe, death is a meaningless setback between episodes. The audience is challenged to forget their notions of causality and sit back and have some fun. Continue Reading »

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Apr 14 2014

Hannibal Review: “Yakimono”

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Hannibal - Season 2

Well, the mystery of what Hannibal Lecter was up to in the cliffhanger from last week’s episode had a hell of an answer.

What seemed like a possibly overconfident misstep from fiction’s most famous cannibal turned out to be something of a macabre masterstroke. Hannibal’s unconventional pastimes have been closer and closer to being discovered, but throwing the Miriam Lass wrench into the machine completely upended the course Jack was on.

It also brings us one of the more emotionally potent episodes of the season, and an hour of television that just lays out one ballsy reveal after another. The edges of Hannibal’s plan are beginning to come into view, and it’s gonna be a whopper.

Continue Reading »

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Apr 14 2014

Game of Thrones Review: “The Lion and the Rose”

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The Purple Wedding has arrived.

I’m going to go ahead and ward everyone away who hasn’t watched last night’s episode yet, as there’s really no way to start this review without talking about the biggest event of the night, and what will likely be the biggest event of the season.

Are they gone?

Alright then. Continue Reading »

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Apr 11 2014

Silicon Valley vs. Girls: A Show Comparison

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Silicon Valley aired this weekend, fulfilling all of my Martin Starr dreams.  The internet response to the show was varied, with some loving how accurately life in the Valley is portrayed and other claiming it’s another vapid show about unlikeable people.  A vapid show about unlikeable people you say?  That sounds to me like Girls.  And since these shows share a common group of haters, I thought I’d break down what both have to offer. Continue Reading »

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Apr 10 2014

Five Must-See Anime Series Currently Streaming on Netflix

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With Netflix creeping closer to replacing cable television and physical media altogether and me bursting with anime love, I feel like now’s the time to continue spreading the love. Binge watching an exciting new show is a treat unlike anything past generations have seen and I can only imagine how great it would be to fall in love with an unexplored foreign entertainment genre and have so much awesome at my fingertips right off the bat. With anime still being a niche market, I figure now’s a good time to show some people a tiny speck of what they’ve been missing out on.

A funny thing happened to me on the way to write this article. I was remembering all of the great shows I’ve watched over the years and figured I should write an article about some of them. Then I figured I should check and make sure that they are all still up because why bother if you can’t enjoy them right this instant too. Most of them weren’t. In fact, the vast majority of series seem to have been stricken from Netflix Instant, leaving a mere smattering. Stupid expired streaming rights.

Killer shows like Attack on Titan, Eden of the East, and Welcome to the NHK have been covered on this site before so rather than rehash those, I’ll just shout them out here and trust you to know what to do. Still, there are some amazing shows left standing, and some exciting new faces too. So while I may have had to cut this list in half and make some substitutions that end up making this list resemble a greatest hits of Adult Swim/Toonami runs, there are still some really exceptional classic shows for anime newbies to enjoy. Sorry, but no obscurities today, veterans. Continue Reading »

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