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Jul 29 2014

More Books From Jo3bot

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Artist extraordinaire Jo3bot is back with another pair of kids book covers. Based on the famed Golden Books we all read as kids, this time he’s taken Ninja Turtles and Kill Bill and turned them into rather adorable covers.

The Bride is below, and I just now noticed he makes them all “A Little Mutagen Book” or “A Little Hanzo Book” depending on the topic. And the same goes for the symbols in the golden spine on the left side. CLEVER JO3BOT.

One more below: Continue Reading »

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Jul 29 2014

It Should Be A Movie By Now: Knight Rider

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Is it bad that I didn’t even know that there was a “new” show that came out during 2008-2009? Or is it that the show was that bad, and no one bothered to tell me? Either way, I’m not referring to that garbage (I looked it up – you can find episodes on NBC’s site). I’m referring to the classic Hoff show that helped to launch his career and boost him into German stardom.

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Jul 28 2014

Of Course You Want to Watch The Game of Thrones Season Four Gag Reel

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Game of Thrones may be all fire and blood by the time we see it onscreen, but unsurprisingly, it’s actually a lot of fun to make. As part of the “we’re not going to reveal anything important” philosophy of the show’s appearance at SDCC, they debuted their new gag reel for season four.

While it may not answer burning questions about how the show will match up with the books in season five, it is quite hilarious, and it’s always funny to see the actors in costume breaking character as they screw up their lines or miss a cue. Oberyn Martell almost burned himself alive with a wall torch, it seems.

Be sure to stay all the way to the end – #DINKLAGESWAG.

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Jul 24 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Kim Possible

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It’s been a good long while since I’ve thought about Kim Possible, as I can’t say it was one of the cartoons I grew up with. By 2002, I was too cool for more non-South Park or Family Guy cartoons, so I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of the series.

That said, I know that this Kim Possible cosplay by Amber Skies is pretty damn great. It may be a lot less complicated than other costumes, based largely on red hair, baggy pants and a cropped shirt, but I like that she went the extra mile for specific Kim Possible posses like the one above, and naturally, the famous air kick.

Check out the rest of the series for yourself below: Continue Reading »

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Jul 24 2014

Kill La Kill and Anime’s Fanservice Industry

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Japanese animation is an entertainment medium that’s often associated with geek man-children in spite of the fact that it often features complex stories with themes and metaphors that dwarfs most of what we consider adult entertainment here in America. Part of it is the lingering fallacy that anything animated must be for kids, but there’s more; specifically anime’s preoccupation with female anatomy. Bouncing bosoms of bodacious bulk and predictably polarizing portrayals of puerile pantyshots often turn viewers off of the excellent stories and characters. But is it really inherently wrong or immature to portray the human body in such a way?

Enter Kill La Kill, one of the anime hits of the moment and another instance of an overseas animated property being snatched up for streaming on the forever-ahead-of-the-curve Netflix prior to being dubbed in English (Attack on Titan was previously alone in that honor). Watching the early episodes of the show, it appeared to have been literally designed to both mock and celebrate some of the most damaging anime stereotypes: the ridiculously over-the-top action, the overly serious characters, the overly wacky characters, and yeah, the fashion choices of female characters.

Dressing women up in the most revealing of clothing and/or putting them in the most compromising position with the viewer given the most advantageous view is typical here. Naturally, there are plenty who don’t take kindly to this practice. Kill La Kill sets itself up as a self-aware parade of these kinds of tropes, but as the story finishes, it accomplishes more than it’s willing to give itself credit  for in terms of providing context for this argument. Continue Reading »

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Jul 23 2014

In Defense of Damon Lindelof

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I loved LOST and I liked the way it ended! There now that’s off my chest I can continue with this write up. Bludgeon me all you want, but it was a fantastic show and I was a die hard fan till the bitter end. Some people found it to be a great show with a horrible ending. Some found it to be a great first season and the rest of the show was crap. While others like myself, found it to be one of the most original and compelling things that had hit television in a long while that kept you guessing till the very last episode. Which only prompted me to keep watching week after week just to make sure I knew what was happening right when the show aired and I could discuss it with my friends the next day. It was probably the start of my TV obsession and I have Damon Lindelof to thank for that.

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Jul 23 2014

You Can Buy Daryl’s Walking Dead Vest Soon

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Do you have long hair, swagger, a crossbow, and generally resemble a Boondock Saint? Well, then you might want to consider dressing up as Daryl Dixon for either cosplay purposes or Halloween. And the essential key the whole ensemble is naturally Daryl’s winged vest which tells us he’s a GUARDIAN ANGEL in case that wasn’t perfectly clear.

You could probably make this yourself via a thrift shop and a craft store if you wanted, but if you can’t be troubled to do that, you can shell out $251.00 for a premade vest from Urban Collector. They’re available for pre-order, and no, at even that price they do not include a crossbow, sorry.

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Jul 22 2014

The League of Extraordinary Americans


Imagine if a librarian from the Victorian era created the Justice League.

Might not sound incredibly thrilling but in 1999 comics legend Alan Moore made the concept not just work but rock in his miniseries The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Featuring a slew of characters from every corner of Victorian literature, the LOEG was a rollicking, partially demented adventure that made you wish you were a bit more well-read.

Being a proper Englishman, though, Moore of course used (mostly) characters from his home and native land. Being a young American reader I thrilled at the brief Tralfamadorian cameo and the Who Dat Ninja poster in the background, but, for the most part, the USA was MIA throughout the League’s various goings-on.

Today, though, I’m gonna get patriotic and ‘MERICA the crap outta the limey League and present the League of Extraordinary AMERICANS, using ONLY American created characters and concepts. Am I being a rampant, red-white-and-blue-tinted glasses-wearing Nationalist? You bet. But hey, at least I’m not shoe-horning in…ugh…Tom Sawyer to appeal to Americans.

Ready? For the stars and bars! Continue Reading »

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Jul 22 2014

It Should Be A Movie By Now: Silverhawks

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What would you get if you mixed some flying birds, Daft Punk and the Thundercats together? I can’t go another week mentioning shows that have gone by the way side that should’ve been movies by now without saying something about the Silverhawks. Yeah, that was me slapping a childhood memory out from the cobwebs of your brain!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought this show up in the past and no one has a clue what I’m even talking about. Silverhawks is not that old, yet is typically not remembered by my generation until you show them a toy. Continue Reading »

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Jul 22 2014

The Queen’s Royal Guard Plays the Game of Thrones Theme

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There are very few actual kings and queens left in the world these days, but one of them is in England, so I suppose it stands to reason that her Royal Guard might be Game of Thrones fans. They may have to defend her from tourists, not Baratheons and Starks, but they take their job pretty seriously nonetheless.

In the video above, her guard is taking a break from standing still and marching to bust out a rather great version of the Game of Thrones theme. That’s right Queen, please those peasants with song!

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Jul 17 2014

Female Ninja Warrior Competitor Is Pretty Much a Real Life Superhero

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People who couldn’t care less about Ninja Warrior have been passing this video around the past 24 hours, but you know what? I’m a Ninja Warrior hipster. I was watching when it was only Japanese and Nagano scaled the last tower for the first time.

Now it’s something of a fun summer past time in America, as competitors compete to try and make it to the Japanese version of the course. Qualifying itself is brutal, and now, for the first time ever, a woman has qualified to go to the famed Japanese stage of doom.

Her name is Kacy Catanzaro, a world-class gymnast whose qualifying is a big deal not just because she’s the first woman to do so, but also because she’s just so damn tiny. She’s five foot zero, meaning obstacles that six foot guys can simply stretch to if they want, she has to LEAP to. This happens a few times in the video, and it’s just amazing what she can accomplish simply being so much smaller than her competitors. Oh, and she also can bust out an Arrow-style Salmon Ladder like it’s no problem at all, in case you think this is all some magical gymnast agility trickery. Truly amazing stuff.

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