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Aug 29 2014

Prepare to Be Disillusioned by the Game of Thrones S4 VFX Reel

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We all know that Game of Thrones isn’t REALLY filming in Westeros (I just found this out), but you may not realize the massive amount of VFX work that goes into the show that you never even notice. Obviously some things like dragons are fake (also just learned this), but half the backdrops of every scene you see are greenscreen. Fortunately the tech has evolved to the point where you can’t even tell.

You can see what I’m talking about in the VFX reel from season four above, and I will just assume that something, somewhere in there is a spoiler, so beware.

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Aug 29 2014

Damnit Kirk! You Ruin Everything

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Why yes this is Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, and Michael Dorn all together in one picture. And that’s also William Shatner totally crashing the party with a confused look on his face. “Where’s Nimoy” “Where’s Takei?” “How did I get here?”

Anyway, this was taken recently at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con where…oh man I live in Chicago now! How did I miss this! Actually wait, I’m in this photo. I’m the bald guy on his phone in the back. Yep, definitely me.

[via LVB's Twitter]

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Aug 28 2014

Must-Own: Amazing Breaking Bad Cartoon Figurines

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Alright, I thought these were amazing when I believed them to be animations only, but it turns out these are actual, physical figurines made by Trevor and Troy Grove. 

Here is a preview of an ongoing personal project I’ve been collaborating on with my brother, Troy, since last year’s final season of “Breaking Bad”. The idea was to create a series of miniature (approximately 5″-6″ tall) stylized figures based on many of the characters from the show. These are the in-progress wax sculptures, along with some photoshop color composites we’ve done to better visualize the final outcome.”

Personal project??? No! Sell these and make tons of money! What’s a copyright? I don’t care. Please make them! Anyway, if this gets spread around enough, maybe AMC will see how awesome they are and make up some deal with them to get these out of the internet and onto people’s desks. Like mine. Check out all the rest below, including the entire supporting cast, pretty much. Continue Reading »

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Aug 27 2014

Firefly Cartoon-ified Again

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Yeah, alright I’ve definitely seen Firefly turned into a cartoon at least a dozen times at this point, but that doesn’t mean my imaginary Serenity animated series I keep seeing in my head stops being any less cool. It’s just voice-acting! They could get the cast together for that, right?

Anyway, this new version is actually a T-shirt from TeeCraze. In it, we get vaguely Disney princess versions of the ladies, and somehow Shepard Book is more buff than Jayne, not sure how that happened.

Someone make this show already, please.

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Aug 25 2014

The Best TV Detectives (in Cartoon Form)

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Artist  Olivier Fritsch Gomez has employed his unique art style to do a tribute series to some of the most beloved TV detectives. I don’t think I’ve ever lead an Unreality post with Columbo before, so this really is a first.

Most of these are from a more “classic” era of TV detectives, from the mid-nineties or earlier, so you won’t see Rust Cohle in the gallery or anything. But we have Burt Reynolds, so all is forgiven.

Check out the entire gallery/list below, and stay tuned to see if he updates it for the modern era. Continue Reading »

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Aug 21 2014

Nickelodeon Did What to The Legend of Korra?

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I really don’t get Nickelodeon. Sure, I used to watch it on purpose when I was a kid and Ren and Stimpy seemed like the funniest thing ever just because there had never been anything like it on the air. But despite the professed love from 90’s kids, nobody has ever made me understand the appeal of Rugrats, Doug, and pretty much every other cartoon they’ve put on the air since. Calling them “childish” is putting it too mildly. Spongebob Squarepants plays like it’s scientifically targeted to kill every last brain cell in your head. And don’t even mention Breadwinners around me.

But then there’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, the American anime that out-anime’d anime. They took the stylish visuals, Asian-themed mythologies and philosophies, great characterizations, and complex plots that make Japanese animation superior to the vast majority of Western kiddie toons and eliminated the chaff of silly tropes like over-the-top powers, crummy pacing in favor of formulaic drawn-out battles, and general perviness in favor of pure quality storytelling and brilliant fast-paced action sequences.

The sequel series, Legend of Korra, has had a rocky road with a lot to live up to, but has more than maintained fan interest. Sure, we may gripe that the title character is kind of unlikable and the overall cast isn’t as strong, but the show delivers the goods more often than not with a mixture of comedy and action fit for both kids and adults, engaging philosophical and political themes, intriguing concepts, and gorgeous animation. It’s still the best thing on Nickelodeon by miles and miles. So why isn’t it on Nickelodeon anymore? Continue Reading »

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Aug 21 2014

Stuck In A TV Slump? Give Penny Dreadful A Whirl

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The dog days of summer, when all your favorite shows are off the air.  Late August, when it seems like you haven’t seen anything good and new on TV in months.  If you’re looking for something to bust you out of a TV rut, the under-the-radar Showtime monster-mashup Penny Dreadful is well worth your time.  With stunning visual sense, intriguing characters, and a real ear for good dialogue, this is a show that has a lot going for it.  Though it’s a bit uneven at some points, and certainly takes its time building up tension and characters (in a good way), Penny Dreadful is, at times, stunningly sharp and incisively brilliant.

Continue Reading »

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Aug 21 2014

Jimmy Fallon Plays Goldeneye With Pierce Brosnan

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While Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver may be the kings of late night snark, there’s no more infectiously likable host than Jimmy Fallon on TV these days. He may not be providing brilliantly incisive social commentary, but he’s always doing something fun to make his show a must-watch.

His most recent endeavor might be his best. To fulfill a childhood dream, when Pierce Brosnan stopped by his show to promote his new movie (The November Man), Fallon had an N64 on hand so the two could play Goldeneye.

That’s right. Goldeneye. With James Bond, himself.

It’s exactly as amazing as it sounds, though you’ll have to watch the video to see how Brosnan does. I can’t believe they didn’t play Temple.

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Aug 20 2014

Homer V. Gosling

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As part of a pending Simpsons-themed art show, artist Nathan Collupy has come up with this rather excellent Drive/Mr. Plow crossover, combining two things I really never would have imagined would end up on the same page.

I have a really messed up image of Homer beating Krusty the Clown to death with a hammer now. I also want to go watch Drive again, though I’m not sure I can handle all those silent pauses a second time.

[via Xombie Dirge]

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Aug 20 2014

Understanding ‘the Leftovers’

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I’m continually blown away by this show. I know that plenty of people say that it paints a bleak and desolate picture, but those people are hastily judging without really watching what the show is depicting. If you haven’t made it past the first two episodes and you wrote the Leftovers off, please do yourself a favor and try and make it through episode six. (they’re on episode 8 now)

‘Cairo’ as the 8th episode is referred to, blew things wide open and introduced a lot of new ideas. Well, at least I took them as new ideas and developments. That’s what is awesome about the show – that it’s already 8 episodes in, with 2 left, and I’m still no closer to understanding much of what’s going on than when I started. Continue Reading »

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Aug 20 2014

Fun with Kirk and Spock

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Artist Robb Pearlman has a new book out, and it’s one many sci-fi fans are going to want to read to their kids. It’s called “Fun with Kirk and Spock,” and in case you can’t guess where this is going, here’s an official description from Pearlman:

“See the Enterprise. See the Enterprise go boldly. Go Go Go, Enterprise! Go Boldly! Join Kirk and Spock as they go boldly where no parody has gone before!

This Prime Directive primer steps through The Guardian of Forever to a simpler time of reading, writing, and red shirts. Fun with Kirk and Spock will help cadets of all ages master the art of reading as their favorite Starfleet officers, Klingons, Romulans, Andorians, and Gorn beam down into exciting adventures.”

There’s one more sample page below featuring Spock stifling his emotions and teaching a famed Vulcan finger gesture. Check it out: Continue Reading »

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