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Sep 12 2014

Little Mikasa vs. the Titan

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Sometimes, cosplay can be so much better in video form.

The above clip shows little 4 year-old Mikasa taking on a Colossal Titan from the newly famous anime, Clash of the Titans. I mean Attack on Titan. Shit, there goes all my nerd cred.

It shows the Titan rampaging around town, only to be stopped by Mikasa decked out in full jetboost/sword gear, and essentially spanking the beast to death with swords. It’s thoroughly adorable, and far better in video form than it would have been in photos alone.

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Sep 11 2014

When Disney Meets Avatar

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No not THAT Avatar, the other, cooler one. With elemental superpowers and a ridiculously good story better than almost anything else on TV. That one.

In any case, I can’t get over how massive this project is from artist Robby Cook. When people do Disney crossover art, they usually pick the six most popular princesses and stop there. Robby has gone full-roster here and has 23 different images in the gallery.

Check it out below and see which bending (or non-bending) tribes your favorite characters fall into. Lord knows they’re all here. Continue Reading »

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Sep 11 2014

Berserk: Still the Dark Fantasy Anime of Choice

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Have the Game of Thrones off-season blues got you down? Do you love your sex, violence, political intrigue, deception, seduction, and tales of comradery, ambition, and brotherhood with horror elements all trussed up in an epic medieval fantasy story about mercenaries making their own destinies in a hostile world where they can’t trust anything but their own blade? If so, consider going Berserk.

This series and I go a long way back. The original anime adaptation of the popular manga aired in 1997 and inevitably found its way to my DVD player. At the time, there was nothing else like it. It was like the fantasy series I always wanted but had never found; something that treated the genre as adult entertainment, taking place in a world that is corrupt at its very core and never shying away from the horrors of violence or the deceitfulness of human nature. Berserk was almost like a more linear and action-oriented anime equivalent of George R.R. Martin’s work years before it ever found its way to television.

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Sep 11 2014

Visual Epic-ness In Sci-Fi/Fantasy Television

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When you think of science fiction and fantasy as a whole,  one thing that binds them together is an expectation of a grand scale or scope.  You’re much more likely to find an epic clash of 500 spaceships or 50,000 knights there than in, say, a Nicholas Sparks novel. (Although, if there was a Nicholas Sparks novel called 500 Spaceships vs. 50,000 Knights, you’d better believe I’m picking that one up from the library).  But, television being what it is, the budget is rarely there to visually capture the epic-ness, visually speaking, of the titans of the movie world.  Point of the point: You don’t expect to see Avatar-level visual awesomeness on a television show.

So how do TV shows work around that?  How does a sci-fi/fantasy show capture that sense of huge, grand adventure that’s so indelible in the genre?  Even working with Styrofoam rocks and cardboard sets, Star Trek managed to capture the Spirit of Sci-Fi ™ on multiple occasions.  Other shows have managed it as well, and proved that bringing a an eye-gasm to audiences doesn’t have to break the bank.

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Sep 10 2014

Ten of the Laziest and Least-Inspired Alien Designs

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Designing an alien is a tricky business. On the one hand, you want to unhinge your imagination and craft something that is truly foreign and unexpected. On the other hand, if you make the design too damn weird then people will be scratching their heads and wondering what the hell you were thinking.

A good movie alien takes balance – some familiar features but mixed in a novel way and with a little bit of wild card ideas thrown in. These design principles gave us awesome aliens like E.T., Yoda, and the Xenomorphs.

Coming up with these sorts of ideas takes creativity, planning, and effort. Here are some the designs that instead decided, “eh, f*** it.” Continue Reading »

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Sep 10 2014

The Duck Tales Intro with Actual Ducks

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Before Disney was all bad live action shows starring girls who grow up to be controversial pop culture icons, it was full of iconic cartoon shows like one of my favorites, Duck Tales. Granted, that show was probably pretty bad too in retrospect, but nostalgia is still tinting my mind enough where I refuse to believe that.

Above all else, the intro song for the show is etched into my brain forever, and now I can see that opening recreated above…but with real ducks. I assume this is from the same people who recreate movie trailers with kittens, but perhaps not. You know you want to watch it above.

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Sep 08 2014

Saul Bass’s Game of Thrones

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All you young whippersnappers may not know who Saul Bass is, but since my parents made me watch like, every Alfred Hitchcock movie ever made growing up, I saw more than a few of his famed title sequences over the years.

Now, an animator has decided that Game of Thrones should get the Saul Bass treatment, even if Bass isn’t around to give it himself. The result is a pretty cool intro that remakes what was already a pretty cool intro. See for yourself above.

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Sep 08 2014

Cosplay of the Day: The Sapphire of Tarth

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I’ve seen Game of Thrones women cosplayed from Sansa to Arya to Dany (and Dany, and Dany, and Dany), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take on Brienne of Tarth before. Not until GalacticCat that is, who has some killer armor and the look the match the fan-favorite Game of Thrones warrior maid.

You really don’t get much better than this if you’re trying to take on Brienne, and you should absolutely check out the rest of the gallery below: Continue Reading »

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Sep 05 2014

More Golden Books? Why Not

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There seems to be no end to Jo3bot‘s TV/movie Golden Books series, but as long as he keeps making them, we’ll keep featuring them.

Today is apparently “Joss Whedon Day” for the books, as we have Firefly, Buffy AND Doctor Horrible, all three helmed by the master, and two of which star Nathan Fillion.

I just noticed how many of these characters use the “close the eyes, stare up while smiling” pose. Was that common in Golden Books? Are they bathing in sunlight or smelling invisible flowers or something? Check out the other two below: Continue Reading »

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Sep 04 2014

A Talkative Bunch

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I laughed at this for way too long, but then I realized that it’s pretty offensive to Chewbacca. Yeah, he’s usually just making his animal noises and we have to infer what he’s saying, but it’s not like speaking Wookie is all that much different from speaking any other foreign language. Just because no one ever gives him subtitles, that doesn’t mean he’s not more intelligent than the kicked-in-the-head stableboy and the mono-phrase tree.

But yeah, I still love this. I had to crop out a little caption box in the bottom that said  “Best Conversation Ever” because that made it less funny. Sorry artist, but you don’t have to explain your jokes!

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Sep 04 2014

Must-Have: Parks and Recreation Emojis

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Via Michelle Regna at Buzzfeed, we have this rather excellent collection of Emojis from Parks and Recreation that are better than anything else on that stupid app at the moment. Why do you need a monkey covering its ears? It’s texting! There’s nothing to hear!

Anyway, nearly every major character is covered here, and so is one special animal (Lil’ Sebastian!!!!) and a few of the more famous inanimate objects from the series like waffles, DJ Roomba and the Cones of Dunshire. How has someone not made a real game out of that yet?

Check out the full gallery below: Continue Reading »

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