What Arcade Rooms Looked Like in the 80s

Here at Unreality I consider myself to be the old school guy and Paul to be the new school guy.  I always get nostalgic for the old days of gaming whereas Paul is up on the current trends and so forth.

But for all you old school kids this gallery is a treat.  Remember games like Pole Position and Galaga?  Remember pumping quarters into machines but still having money for lunch?

Remember the 80s?   Ah I wish I were back there right now!  Check out this gallery of Arcades in the 80s……

Pole Position!  I know most of you are too young but this was the best game ever.

More Funny Arcade photos below

  • http://www.archollective.com illeaturfamily

    There’s a lot of chicks in there. I find that most surprising.

  • Tim

    Awesomeness. Also is that James Franco staring off from the Pole Position game? jk

  • http://hbcupride.deco-printing.com hbcupride.deco-printing.com

    Even-though I was born in the 70’s I’m a second generation gamer. My parents owned a poolhall when I was little and they were awesome at Ms. Pacman and Centipede. I got my start with Galaga. I had to use a milkcrate to reach though.

  • http://www.metrofax.com/ internet fax

    Add it to the Museum of arcade. I feel so OooollllDDDD!!!

  • anon

    What’s amazing to me is how thin everyone is in the pictures. Americans have gotten so fat over the past 30 years.

  • http://www.photogabble.co.uk Simon

    There are still places like that in England. Come to think of it most sea side towns still have a lot of these games in them.

  • Joco

    I spent my childhood there.

  • http://www.mazzastick.com Justin | Mazzastick

    I was born in 74 so I totally remember the 80’s. It was my era and looking at these pics brought back many memories.

  • Sara Jones

    I lived for Arcades. I could spend hours losing myself in a game. Oh the nostalgia. Wish I could go back.