It’s Time To Bring Back the Barbarian Brothers

Falcone Brothers

I have absolutely no idea how I came across The Barbarian Brothers but does anyone remember these guys?  Man they were awesome.   In case any of you forgot or never heard of them they made their first real splash into film in 1983 when one of the brothers (Peter) appeared in Mr T’s D.C Cab.  But it wasn’t until 1987 that they got their own movie, The Barbarians that they received any kind of publicity.  Check out this excerpt from 1982.

The Barbarians are a team, two 25-year-old giants named Peter and David Paul—how sweetly, how innocently, those names fall upon the ear—recently of Hartford, Conn. and Narragansett, R.I. They stand 6 feet and 6’1″, respectively, weigh 235 and 245, and have 20½-inch necks and 59-inch chests (Sports Illustrated)

What the hell have these guys been up to since?  In 1994 they had some dumb movie called Twin Sitters and  haven’t done anything of significance since 2005 where they starred in Souled Out with none other than Gary Busey.

But come on.  Look at these guys!  They’d have to fit in somewhere no?  Some type of Jersey Shore thing on MTV?  A stupid reality show?  Something has to involve these guys.

Then again they’re each 53 now.  Still though, maybe we can pair them up with Jose Canseco in a celebrity deathmatch?

Check out some of their greatness after the jump

A Deleted Scene from Natural Born Killers


I know they took this scene out and it was the right thing to do but come on.  This would have been awesome.

The Barbarians


These guys were funny.  I’m sorry.  I like them.


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