It’s Time To Bring Back the Barbarian Brothers

Falcone Brothers

I have absolutely no idea how I came across The Barbarian Brothers but does anyone remember these guys?  Man they were awesome.   In case any of you forgot or never heard of them they made their first real splash into film in 1983 when one of the brothers (Peter) appeared in Mr T’s D.C Cab.  But it wasn’t until 1987 that they got their own movie, The Barbarians that they received any kind of publicity.  Check out this excerpt from 1982.

The Barbarians are a team, two 25-year-old giants named Peter and David Paul—how sweetly, how innocently, those names fall upon the ear—recently of Hartford, Conn. and Narragansett, R.I. They stand 6 feet and 6’1″, respectively, weigh 235 and 245, and have 20½-inch necks and 59-inch chests (Sports Illustrated)

What the hell have these guys been up to since?  In 1994 they had some dumb movie called Twin Sitters and  haven’t done anything of significance since 2005 where they starred in Souled Out with none other than Gary Busey.

But come on.  Look at these guys!  They’d have to fit in somewhere no?  Some type of Jersey Shore thing on MTV?  A stupid reality show?  Something has to involve these guys.

Then again they’re each 53 now.  Still though, maybe we can pair them up with Jose Canseco in a celebrity deathmatch?

Check out some of their greatness after the jump

A Deleted Scene from Natural Born Killers


I know they took this scene out and it was the right thing to do but come on.  This would have been awesome.

The Barbarians


These guys were funny.  I’m sorry.  I like them.

  • moe

    Amazing! I agree entirely…I’ve been trying to get my hands on their films for the last couple years. I currently own Twin Sitters and Double Trouble. The latter of which is wrote a review for

    They were great and I miss them. and I didn’t realize they live damn close to me too. I’m in southern CT about 45 minutes from Hartford and about an hour from RI. Cool!

  • Johnny

    hell yeah.
    i live in Narragansett, RI. i see Peter Paul all the time.
    he’s the man.
    he goes by “Sweeter Peter Palpin” now, or “Sweety Petey” for short.
    he’s also pretty damn crazy. like, legit crazed, but still awesome nonetheless.
    his outfits are insane and great.
    he speaks in rhyme alot too.
    and yes: he’s still in really good shape.

  • Block

    they were in a deleted scene from Natural Born Killers. one of them had his leg removed with a chainsaw, I think.

  • Fictional Person

    They could get a gig with Manowar……fuck, it is Manowar

    Oh and by the way, I fucking hate Manowar

  • rusty

    I remember Twin Sitters and Double Trouble. One of them movies had like a magic remote control or something. Anyway this is definitely a blast from the past.

  • sara

    Both brothers appeared in the D.C. Cab movie, not one.

  • Paul

    I started school with these guys beginning in Kindergarten right through High School Graduation. We were great friends all the way, and we all wrestled on the same high school team.
    All I can say–2 of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Very caring individuals who would do anything for anyone at anytime.
    Would love to see a Barbarian Brother comeback.

  • Ms Holliday

    This is a great movie I will always love these guys as a kid we didnt have much but my mom always let us have movie nights and my big brother and I always got this movie Ive seen it 100s of times and I’m trying to find a copy of it now… i’d enjoy a part 2 lol

  • freebird

    they are awesom…hand another one called Think Big


  • Peter Robinson

    I too, really like the Brothers Paul. I first saw them in DC Cab, film release in 1983, I was 22 at the time. I do wish & hope they are doing well as I write this on this day of Wednedsay the 2nd in November of 2011.
    They are talented Comedic Actors if I can be so bold to say in their portfoleo, or scope & range of major movie makeing goings on. I would imagine now that their age might limit them some what these days but rolls can be found for them I’m sure.
    Excerpt from Pop Cult,
    David and Peter Paul have given us so much over the years. From bodybuilding to acting to writing and performing music, the brothers marched to the beat of a very different drummer. Refusing to conform to the Hollywood mold, the Barbarian Brothers rose to the top simply by being themselves. With loveable and charming personas that fans of all ages could relate to, the brothers transcended across multiple mediums, genres, and decades. The Barbarian Brothers didn’t grow up wanting to be beloved actors or rap superstars. They just wanted to be themselves and to entertain others. And by golly, that’s exactly what they did.

    I really like these guys, I think these guys have great comdic timing and wish them the very best in what ever they want to do but I’d really like to see them do something similar to DC Cab again.

  • Souleman

    Peter Palpin will be famous soon

  • Peter Griffin

    how about the Canseco twins? Those two and these two should hook up for a tag team wrestling match.

  • j

    I see this guy everyday at golds gym dressed like an Indian. I had no idea he had a twin until the other day they were both there at the same time. Finding out who they are made my week. He always wears a mid drift tie dye wolf t shirt doth work boots and homemade Indian looking sweats doth a wool hat. Its pretty amazing

  • B

    Dude I love these guys! I just watched The Barbarians again a couple nights ago online! Why isn’t there a dvd and blu ray out for that? At least get it up on Netflix Instant Stream, introduce it’s cheesy fantasy comedy to a new generation! It’s a hilarious and fun movie to watch with your buddies. Actually, I just put a review for the movie on IMDB –
    Where do I start about this film. I love it! As a child, the Conan movies and Clash of the Titans were my favorites. I watched everything and anything that had a warrior, sorcerer, dragon, knight, etc., on it’s VHS cover. Back when video stores rained supreme and there was no internet to watch trailers, no movie review sites, and no IMDb (the horror!), the cover of the VHS was what made you pick it up and read the 2 or 3 paragraph synopsis of the film (and look at a picture or 3 if you were lucky), or just walk right by it and keep browsing until something caught your eye. The “Sword and Sandal” genre was my favorite (along with sci-fi) but was also probably the most plagued with awesome cover art that mislead you on the often crappy, low quality movies (which I still loved). And one day, I picked up the movie The Barbarians…

    The Barbarians is directed by Italian director Ruggero Deodato (most famous for his 1980 cult horror Cannibal Holocaust), and he makes an adventure comedy that is one of the “best worst movies” ever made. The film opens in a serious tone, complete with narration explaining who the Ragneks are, essentially free spirited traveling entertainers. As we see the caravan of colorfully clad Ragneks traversing a lush landscape (the film is filled with beautiful scenic landscapes and locations), a band of horsemen is suddenly upon them and starts killing off the peaceful entertainers. After a long, entertaining chase scene (with a decent amount of blood and death!), we meet our film’s main villain, Kadar (Richard Lynch, The Sword and the Sorcerer). He wants a magical gem the Ragneks are known to have, and the Ragnek Queen Canary (the stunning Virginia Bryant in one of her 6 film roles) as his companion. During this scene, which is 15 minutes into the movie at this point, we meet two young twin boys and a young girl (who become our heroes later). After more killing, Queen Canary promises to go with Kadar (Lynch) if he and his men promise to never hurt the 3 children…

    Now fast forward 17 years, we finally meet the title characters, twins Gore and Kutchek, aka the Barbarian Brothers. For better or worse, these two muscle bound knuckle heads turn an otherwise serious movie into an all out fantasy comedy. The brothers, kept separated and told the other was killed, have been tortured and trained as gladiators, each tormented by a man in a mask (one brother by an iron mask, the other brother a brass mask). The brother’s, each now the size of Arnold in Conan, are made to wear the other brothers’ tormentor’s mask (still with me?) and put in a cage to fight each other to the death! Of course the masks come off after a few swift blows and the brother’s realize they have been lied to and decide they have to team up to break out. Now free, they decide they must rescue Queen Canary and kill the evil Kadar who killed their people and imprisoned them all those years. They soon team up with young, lovely Kara (Eva La Rue, CSI Miami), who just so happened to be that young girl from the beginning! The trio ventures forth in search of weapons and the aforementioned magical jewel, getting into bar fights (there is a great scene with Italian cult actor George Eastman), battling a werewolf creature, zombies and even a giant dragon (which is one of the most laughably mechanical dragons ever put on film!).

    The Barbarians is a bad movie no doubt about it, but it knows exactly what it is and goes for it. It is one of those films that is so bad that it is great. The Paul brothers are so over the top, they are clearly not actor’s (one of them has the worst over the top laugh ever heard on film). They obviously are not even trying to act and instead use their charisma and charm (if you can call it that) to make an entertaining, fun, fantasy adventure comedy. The movie is full of brawn, babes, swords, sorcerers, monsters, action and laughs. If you like bad movies, sword and sandal flicks, or Italian exploitation films, then The Barbarians is definitely for you and could quit possibly be a new favorite! I just hope that this film get’s a DVD/blu ray release soon, because unless you want to spend $50 – $100 on an old VHS on eBay, the only way you can currently (2012) see this fantastic piece of trash cinema is on YouTube, cut up in 10 minute increments, in low resolution. This cult classic is remembered by a select few, but most that remember it, remember it fondly. And some, like myself, will treasure this movie for decades to come…

    And to the last guy who works out at there gym – Are you in Los Angeles? I’d love to know if they are still in that area, perhaps workin on getting something going film wise…

    Lol, I think I ansewered your question on if I remember them! Double Trouble is on Netflix’s Instant Stream, but it’s only a so so movie, if you are going to check the Barbarian Bros out, do the The Barbarians on YouTube…

  • J

    Yep, one of them owns a church in my town in Vermont and I see him at the gym all the time dressed exactly how j describes above.

  • Woof! They were humongous! And they were….ummm…very sexy too! My favourite movie starring these two muscle mammoths? ‘THINK BIG’!!

  • elizabeth

    One of them died, but I don’t know which

    • Icy

      One of who died Elizabeth

  • Mike

    I’m trying to find out what happened to peter?
    I was a good friend and training partner to them in the late 70″s and 80″s. Both like brothers to me.
    Saddened about Peter.

  • Peter

    Look at him on youtube. Peter Palpin or the1andonly knight. Great guy, think he might be in need of some help. Last spotted both brothers in RI.