Old Books are Turned Into Fairytale Sculptures by Su Blackwell


If you’re an old school book lover like me you can appreciate a physical book, turning the pages, and actually reading ink off of paper.  That’s not to say I’m against electronic books or reading off a screen.  But I, like many others out there, can still enjoy the pleasure of reading from a book that’s in front of me in all its form.

One person who most certainly appreciates old-school books in a completely different way is none other than artist Su Blackwell.   While Su appreciates a good read now and then, her vision of books is to take them from the physical and turn them into the almost real.  What Su does is create “fairytale-like” book sculptures by transforming flat pages into three-dimensional objects.  The worlds she creates are amazing, filled with mystery, and incredibly imaginative.  The books Su finds mostly come from second hand book stores and she always reads them before she begins to sculpt.   Read below for her latest series:

Her latest series ‘Dwelling’ is inspired by folk stories. It features wood cottages, tree-huts, lighthouses and other structures that usually light up when they’re inhabited. Su chose to illuminate her intricate sculptures and by doing so she added to them even more depth. “I have been compelled to create these dwellings now, as I am in the process of selling my house. I am leaving London, to possibly living in a quiet town by the sea. The process of buying a new house is daunting, an emotional upheaval.”

Enjoy these incredible creations below!
















Photos via Su Blackwell

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