Yugoslavian Monuments Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Movie

They may look like something out of a Lovecraft novel, but these concrete sculptures in (what used to be) Yugoslavia have greater significance than just looking cool.

They were commissioned in the ’60s and ’70s by president Josip Broz Tito to commemorate various places where WWII battles took places, or sites where concentration camps stood.

But once the socialist republic dissolved, the statues stopped being cared for, and here they sit the degraded relics of decades past, waiting for aliens to find them and think we had really weird taste in architecture.

Check out the rest of them in the gallery below:

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  1. The 5 picture in the gallery is a monument from Krusevo , Macedonia.It’s actually a museum of the Ilinden Uprising and Krusevo Republic was established on 2 August 1974 on the 30th anniversary of the first session of ASNOM (Anti-Fascist Assembly of the National Liberation of Macedonia) .

  2. Ummm…there is no Yugoslavia anymore Paul. Those pictures are from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

    I know, i’m from Serbia

    But kudos to you for showing and appreciating them

  3. I’ve always had a hankering to go to that city where the Chernobyl reactor melted down just to see something abandoned in a hurry as well as other places in the Old Soviet Union like abandoned sub bases and whole towns.

    Seems the former Communist countries have the edge on the rest of the world with downright crazy abandoned buildings.

    I am definitely adding these to the list of places to see. Still wana visit Centralia in the US too just to see the place that inspired Silent Hill.

  4. hey Paul, where did you get the pics from? I noticed that all of them are named “spomenik”, which means monument 🙂

    @thegreatfatsby – there are many more interesting things to see in ex-Yu than just abandoned buildings 🙂

    @Dzuksi – pozdrav brate 🙂

  5. Hey Paul,

    glad to see you put something from our part of the world! You should come and visit us during the summer, unreality has a big fan base here.

    Greeting from Croatia!!!

  6. Great stuff I’m so happy that you posted this pictures I’m from Bosnia & Herzegovina and the last monumet is in my city Zenica.
    We had a culture and we had a life back days (Great Jugoslavia) now we don’t but that is my opinion, I just wat to say all ex-jugoslovenian countries are great and full of interesting stuff and beautiful nature so people come & visit balkan generally you want regret it! Peace to all ;D

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