Crappy Must See Movie Recommendation of the Week: Quicksilver

OK if you haven’t seen this movie then you really don’t know your 80s.  I can’t even tell you how awesome it is.  Picture Kevin Bacon as a high class Wall Street Broker with a mustache, yes a mustache.  Said Broker loses it all in one day on a big hunch and what does he turn to in order to pay his way?  Being a bike messenger.  And here we have Quicksilver.

Along the way he learns about the sordid underground world of bike messenging by meeting his foe Larry Fishburne who bikes for the wrong kind of people.  He befriends a lost girl played by Jamie Gertz and another funny guy who wants to own a hotdog stand (played by Paul Rodriguez).

It all comes to a head when Bacon must decide to be the good guy by saving his lost soul friends and also returning to his roots on Wall Street.  By the way my corny description isn’t nearly as corny as the movie.  You have to see this one.

Trailer below

What’d I tell you?  It’s a must see!

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  1. 80’s Greatness Right here brutha. I was in my early teens and VERY much into freestyle riding. This movie had some of my favorites at the time: Martin Aparijo & Woody Itson.

    Also, you just HAVE TO love the scene where he’s freestyling in their loft and his GF is doing her ballet shit. CLASSIC 80’s.

  2. Ive been meaning to watch this, as Im an avid cyclist.

    The only thing is, I cancelled my blockbuster online account nearly a year ago for various reasons and havent gotton around to signing up for netflix.

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