The Worst Syfy Movie Rip Offs


After seeing more and more emerge on the delightful channel that is Syfy, I knew I had to compile a list of these shocking movies that made me dry heave and laugh at the same time. With absolutely no shame in the abundant clarity of how much of and what they’ve ripped off, they do have that cute aspect to them too – in a similar sense to pinching a little boy’s cheek who has just blown up his little sister’s favorite toy and saying “oh you cheeky monkey!”.

Independent’s Day


This was probably one that made me laugh the most when I saw it listed, being the laziest attempt at disguising what movie it’s imitating I have ever seen. Obviously set in the US, aliens invading, a group of potential heroes.. with a huge lack of Will Smith.

Atlantic Rim


Another that made me break into hysterics when I saw the title. Huge monsters coming out of the ocean, man only having huge mechs to battle them. Yes, it sounds very familiar for a storyline. They asked their production team “what could we do differently so we are not stealing the idea?” they answered “change oceans!”. That very moment, the director’s face lit up with what he thought was an epiphany.

Snakes on a Train


In similar spirit to the previous entry in the list, the genius production team strikes back with the resounding “change vehicles!”. Would explain more, but the title pretty much sums up the movie.

Alien Vs. Hunter


A painfully awkward movie to watch for acting and graphics you haven’t seen since the mid 90s, imagine a world where someone wanted to make a feature around two alien races battling it out to see who comes out top…. on a $2 budget.

The list is endless – there really is that many. I won’t lie, I have a special place in my heart for Syfy and all of it’s movies, I hope they never stop churning out these… unique… things. If you want to check them all out, there’s a list right here.

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