Why Working in Video Games is Terrible (Comic)


Actually the game companies don’t hire anyone full time. They hire people for the game they are making, and its only for a small part of it.  After their job is done those people are let go.  That’s when i learned AI is a factory not a school.  They make the perfect employee; someone who will accept having their ideas stolen and never get credit for the work they do.  I went for the knowledge of making 3D animation, when they found out I was going to do my own thing they couldn’t comprehend why.  Every teacher in every class only pushed working for a company and that it was perfectly acceptable to be nothing but an employee.  Animation is the same way.   You’re hired to draw the wheel barrel in the background, then you’re let go once you’re done.  It’s a good way to ensure their companies are the ones on top, and they never have to worry about competition.  I feel sorry for anyone getting a degree in games or animation.  Welcome to the world of debt and slavery.

Comic Credit to Julia Lepetit

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