What. The. Hell.

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I knew we’d be talking about something after last night’s Walking Dead finale, but I didn’t think it would be…this. There was a ton of action, as the episode was more or less nonstop slaughter (did anyone EVER miss a headshot the entire time?), but that wasn’t what people will be discussing today.

Rather, that would be the appearance of…whatever this is, which appeared in the woods to save Andrea. It’s a moment that reminded me that yes, this is in fact based off a comic book, as a katana wielding ninja with armless zombies chained to them steps outside the bounds of plausibility just a little bit for me.

People who have read the comics, shut the f*** up right now. I don’t want to know who this actually is, and will be content to speculate. I’m a little unclear as to why the zombies having no arms matters, as if they still have mouths, that’s a problem. Also, the fact that both are black implies that someone from the deep south might be living out their long festering fantasy about bringing slavery back. And those pants are pretty tight to be a dude.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever been caught this off guard in the show before. Character deaths can be a surprise, yes, but this? It’s something else entirely. And we’ll have to wait until the fall to find out exactly what the hell is going on here.


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  1. To me it looked like the zombies lower jaws had been removed as well as their arms. Not sure though, will need to rewatch that part again to see.

  2. If you peek under the hood…you can see the person with the katana is black as well…and I think the zombies mouths are sewn shut.

    When you do find out who it is, it won’t seem so far fetched.

    So glad this character has finally shown up!

    Now what I can’t wait to see is how they handle the prison next season. Since they toned down Shane’s death, I suspect they won’t go too hardcore with the prison. But there should still be some definately awesome moments!

  3. This show is about to get 1000X more awesome. Unless they fuck this character up the way they did with Dale.
    I actually stopped watching 4 weeks ago because of all the stupid petty arguing and dangerously poor decisions getting in the way of the ridiculously slow pacing.
    Then I said what the hell. I may as well finish this season.
    So I sat through every cringe inducing bout of Lori’s crazy, ridiculousness. I’m kinda glad I did. This new addition just might make up for how much Lori sucks.

  4. lmao “People who have read the comics, shut the f*** up right now.” You crack me up with your reviews and such. This is my first comment and all I wanted to say was I know this is a comic book based, but the whole reason I liked season 1 was how close it seemed to actual reality. I wish just once we could have something like this stay in reality. I love zombie stories, movies, games, ect but they get way to out there in a lot of them.

  5. This is the second time I have seen a huge spoiler image on your site. I have seen the show and know what is going on, but I will not say for obvious sake. But for the people that haven’t seen this yet and would instantly recognize the character from the comics, you just ruined the best part of the show, maybe even the season for them. Please don’t post spoiler images. Especially the next day.

  6. Paul there no way you will be able to make it all the way till season 3 without knowing who that is. They talked about on The Talking Dead right after the show.

  7. I think the reason for the armless zombies is so the ninja zombie killer can walk around without other zombies detecting her. Like how they put on zombie blood to throw of there scent in season 1. my guess…

  8. I did many fist pumps when I saw this character. I’m glad to see that they are returning to the comics after going away from them again. In one scene I completely became fully and totally interested again. Also, this really isn’t a season spoiling image. It is so random at the end of the episode (this person literally comes out of nowhere) that it really is no big deal to show the picture.

  9. I agree with the spoiler comment. I’d also like to add telling fans of your site to shut the f**k up is a bit stupid on your part. There are nicer ways to get your message across.

  10. “People who have read the comics, shut the f*** up right now.”

    I would like to see this line with every book/comic based thing on this site that can be spoiled in the future. *cough Game of Thrones *cough *cough

  11. @mickel – exactly what I was going to write…*that’s how they explained it in the comics* (feel free to edit this part out Paul)..

    @Danny – I agree with you, Walking Dead airs here on tuesdays, though I’ve read the comments and knew from castings for season 3 that that character was going to appear, I didn’t know when and now the surprised is spoiled..

    you should put more ambigous/less spoilerish pics in your articles Paul, remember last year when you had on the links in the right Ned Stark’s severed head and a lot of people complained so you changed it o Daenerys…we the comic/book readers will agree to not spoil the show with original material reference if you agree not to spoil the show with too revealing images..

  12. I thought this character was a little too much too, (as the review on IGN called her, “too comic book”) but after you learn a little more about the character, it starts to make sense. I mean, I was like “okay, I can believe” that, it’s not that farfetched for a show that shows women can get in complete car wrecks while driving down an empty road.

    Also, Lori’s a b***h.

  13. Ummmm I’m gonna go out on a limb here and defend the character, but I’m sure if none of you actually own weapons grade katanas you know someone who does. I have the privilege of knowing a few. (Probably comes with the territory of knowing Japanese Jujitsu purists.) But there are plenty of people out there who study kendo and even some who study practical ninjitsu (yes, despite Hollywood, it is a real, honest to goodness, studied martial art). So a katana wielding badass is NOT a huge leap. What I do find a huge leap is a lack of military survivors. Again a Hollywood fallacy that the military would crumble. Christ, if you removed the ROE they would rock this crap. Not everyone would have been put on civilian quarantine control.

  14. Dude. I am so tempted to spoil that for you on general principle. I let out a little “squee” at that part, as all Walking Dead fans should (and if you are seriously too goddamn lazy to read the comic, you don’t really count as a fan so much as a bandwagon hopper). But the thing about this article is: why the fuck are you making such a big deal as to post the image and express your confusion while telling the people with the answers to your questions you are explicitly asking to “shut the fuck up”? That is just bizarre. I would think the smarter idea would to take that advice yourself and not take your “questions” (that you don’t want answered) to the internet for the sake of daring people to spoil it for you. Just a thought.

  15. I don’t read the comics, because I want to be surprised when I see things happen on the show. I do the same thing with Game of Thrones. I’m not a media hipster and didn’t read either before it was cool, but the vast majority of people who now watch either show haven’t either.

    I thought that for those people, this was a truly WTF moment from last night’s episode that deserved discussion and speculation, and was requesting that people who DID know the answers not to ruin it. Telling you to “shut the fuck up” was said in jest, but it really does piss me off when I’m postulating about some possible plot development in this show or Game of Thrones and some asshole who thinks he’s cool comes along and makes a comment about what happens next, depriving me and other readers of being surprised by the book OR the show. To THOSE people yes, I would say shut the fuck up.

  16. Believe me, Paul. Us media hipsters all gave a shout of glee and did a little happy dance while shouting out her name.

    If you want to, you can pick up the first two trade collections of the book. They take you up to issue #12 and will be spoiler free for people who want to keep their TV TWD viewing experience unspoiled and pure. Highly recommended.

    Oh and TWD was always cool. There was never a “before it was cool” moment 🙂

  17. Hopefully the characters will LEARN SOMETHING in season 3, instead of being such idiots all the time.

    Maybe this new Assassin’s Creed character will teach them that it’s time to put away their toys and pull up their big boy britches and maybe get ahead of the power curve a little bit.

    Perhaps I won’t want this character to be eaten, as I do the others.

    (I haven’t read the comics)

  18. Paul you should try reading the GOT books side by side with the series. That’s what I’ve been doing, it helps you understand characters a lot better and you get some extra information and background on characters,places and history of the ASOIAF mythos

  19. Paul don’t worry about spoiling anything by reading the books. The two are only vaguely similar. You’re really doing yourself a disservice…Really man, you’re missing out for a silly reason.

  20. Agreed Piratey.
    I hate when people say they refuse to read the source material. It’s been stated by the creators and writers that the show will take a different direction. Sadly it when down lamesville this season.

    Also, there’s a thing called kindness Paul. A “shut the fuck up…please” would have sufficed.

  21. Literally chills when this character turned up. As a fellow hipster fan of TWD I have been waiting for them to turn up all season. However there is another character who is equally badass who hasnt turned up and should have. I wonder where they are going with that…

  22. Yeah… for the record, I don’t have cable and so I have a season pass for this show on Xbox, and hence have to watch the day after they come out. As a fan of the comic, I absolutely knew who that was, but not that they would be appearing in the finale, so that image was a complete spoiler. You even mentioned that you were pretty sure that was a character from the comic and didn’t want their identity to be spoiled for you. Why wouldn’t you show us the same courtesy?
    Relevant: http://www.toplessrobot.com/2012/03/a_modest_proposal_about_spoilers.php

  23. thanx for the spoiler pic!!!
    that really ruined the suspense at the end for me.

    it would have been a really awesome moment, when i haven´t known who would show up

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