What it Takes to be a Real Anime Character

There are certain topics we discuss here that for whatever reason people aren’t just interested in them, they are obsessed with them.   Two that come to mind would have to be Pokemon and Cosplay.   I don’t know why.  I don’t know how.  I just know that some people are so into these things that it can actually interfere with their lives.

Well, let’s add anime into the equation.  In fact some people are into anime so much that they’ll go to great lengths to emulate it.  Take this woman for example.  She had not one, not two, but 10, yes 10 plastic surgeries so she could look more like an anime character.

Check out here transformation after the jump….

Thanks to Your Health for the photos

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  1. I’m a huge anime fan, but there are some things i just don’t understand and this is one of them. This isn’t like cosplay, this is i dont know – play or life, imho it’s just dumb!!!

  2. That’s disgusting, especially considering she was fairly attractive before in my opinion. I know she only did it to look more like her favorite anime (fake) character, but I mean really? That’s like me letting someone cut my face in order to hopefully end up looking like the fifth ninja turtle (now that I mention it, it sounds like a good idea). I just don’t understand plastic surgery especially in this application. To each their own I suppose.

  3. Not only was she totally cute beforehand, she looked like an actual human being to boot! Of course obviously her desire is to look more like an anime character, but what’s the point of willfully crossing the uncanny valley in the opposite direction?

  4. She went from being fairly attractive in the first picture after the jump, to looking like a freaking horse in that picture you posted before the jump.

    I guess this is what we can expect from a country (Japan) that sells items for Asian girls to have Caucasian eyelids with all that eyelid glue and tape, etc.

  5. BOOOOOO!!!!!!! Yay for anime, but BOOOOOOOO for shitty plastic surgery. They really should force people to undergo psychological counseling before they are allowed to do something like this.

  6. Sad thing is, as i agree with everyone except I think she was very pretty before. Any ‘dr’ who doed this to an already beautiful perosn needs their license pulled. He or she(the doc) is an idiot! I’d have said NO! U’ll grow out of this ridiculous fantasy! I’d love to look like many dif actresses but it all fades. What’s she goin to do? Keep goin back or either when she matures, who’s face will she want then? Omg!

  7. do u people even have eyes?!?! she was sooooo ugly before, with uneven eyes and strange-shaped face, and now she looks like an actual girl!!! anime-like or not..

  8. Reminds me of the guy who got a full-body leopard skin tattoo, except more expensive, more dangerous, and kind of nuts. Shouldn’t it be enough to wear a costume and give your hair unnatural colors and/or styles?

  9. It’s not necessarily b/c of anime, it’s plastic surgery (double eye lids, bigger cheeks, pointier nose, thicker/thinner lips, etc). Unless this person personally made a statement about copying anime, this is just being blown off a different category.

  10. If she wanted to look like an anime character, she could have just purchased Dolly Eye Contacts, false lashes, and a wig or hair extensions. It would have been less painful and cost less money. She is pretty either way though.

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