Well, Gravity Looks Super Intense

Alfonso Cuaron is known for his long-take shots, most notably the ones found in Children of Men that lasted an incredibly long damn time. His new film, Gravity, has a few as well, and at least one has been released as promotional material for the film.

It’s only two minutes, but it is one take, and shows how things go terribly freaking wrong during Sandra Bullock and George Clooney’s mission orbiting above the Earth. It’s a bit like Sunshine, where human error and nature are the bad guys, but it’s not quite as sci-fi-y.

I do think that it can look a bit overly CGI in parts, particularly when the astronauts are failing around, but damn if this isn’t an intense sequence.

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  1. Movie looks good but if its like this the whole time i will never be able to watch it.. it sounded like sandra bullock was on loop and it was soooooo annoying!!!! Just a repetitive panic noise, not good… not good

  2. The Bullock panic noise really bothers me as well, for two reasons: 1) It does sound really, really, really annoying. 2) Maybe I’m just putting astronauts on a pedestal, but I feel like in even the most stressful situations, they are likely trained and groomed to stay infinitely calmer than how Bullock sounds in the preview.

  3. I’m very intrigued by this movie, but I’m really wondering how they’re going to make a full length film out of it (unless of course all of the trailers are just the end of the movie).

  4. @Kienan, that’s nonsense. There are quite a few recording of pilots, generals and even Russian cosmonauts losing their shit and crying like babies in their last minutes before certain, horrible, lonely, slow death. They’re trained to keep it together when the unexpected occurs, but they still need a few moments to process what’s going on and it can take them minutes to calm down. Besides, when the unexpected is too awful, any human will eventually panic.

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