“That Guy” Actor of the Week: Chelcie Ross


So I watched Hoosiers yesterday and in between moments of tears and joy, I realized that I didn’t know the name of the actor who played the skeptical ass.  There is absolutely zero way you knew this guy’s name was Chelcie Ross.   I’m pretty damned good with names of actors and I had absolutely zero clue myself.

But when you think of Major League who do you think of?  Harris.  “You telling me Jesus Christ can’t hit a curve ball?”  “Up your butt Jobu.”  Ross is closing in on 70 and doesn’t have a scorching amount of credits to his name (72) but I tell ya he’s awfully recognizable which earns him a spot in this column.

Clearly Major League is his biggest movie but he did appear in the movie Basic Instinct as Captain Talcott.  So that’s cool.  But let’s just skip all that and move right to the Jobu clip 


Yo Bartender!  Jobu needs a refill!

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