Want to Have Some Fun Today? Do a Barrel Roll on Google Search


So this just a random fun exercise to do today that unfortunately I never knew about.  And for the purposes of this site I don’t want you to mistake this for the internet meme “Do a barrel roll” that became famous because of Starfox.    Well that’s what we think it became famous for.  What transpired were a ton of GIFs and images all revolved around people and objects doing barrel rolls.  The one I’m referring to is something you can do right now to make your internet searches more fun.

If you want your search results to do a barrel roll, then all you need to do is ask and Google Search will oblige. Type “do a barrel roll” into the box and hit search.  Presto!  Your searches will have gloriously turned a nice 360 degrees in front of your eyes.

Got it?  OK have a nice day.


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