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I think everyone needs to clap for Paul for getting the comments back up and running! Hip hip hooray. Now maybe we can have some banter/discussions of movie trailers every week! I know you guys are out there – and you’re dying to let me know what you think of the trailers that Hollywood is dishing out.

Let’s do this.

The Pyramid

I think the idea behind this is somewhat ok, but I can’t help think that they’re pulling too much from the Descent. I say that strictly based from what the trailer is showing us. (Will I see this? – nope)


The Seventh Son

Smite me all you want, but fantasy films are my achilles heal when it comes to shelling out money to go see a movie in the theater. I understand that this is based off a book, or series or whatever, but regardless of that – I think it looks pretty great! If anything it looks like it could be a more hardcore version of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. (Will I see this? – yes)


There is something so unsettling about watching and listening to Steve Carrell in this new trailer for Foxcatcher. Again, if you have no idea what this true story is all about, hit up Wikipedia and do some investigating. I think that there might be some Oscar noms headed towards this one. (Will I see this? – yes)



I knew that BigFoot was real! Seriously … they try and sell us on the fact that this might be even remotely watchable because it has the director behind the Blair Witch Project behind it. That’s not enough to pull me in on this horrible idea of a movie. (Will I see this? – nope)



It seems like it could be very depressing though it does look like it could have certain uplifting moments. Things that involve kiddos after having a kid of my own (granted he’s 2) just makes these type of films hard for me to want to see. (Will I see this? – rental)


The Interview

Huge fan of this comedic duo. Pineapple Express is funny, and I will argue with anyone who says otherwise. Plus, if you didn’t catch their spin on Kanye’s music video with wifey Kim, do yourself a huge favor and youtube that now! Seth and James can do no wrong in my book. (Will I see this? – yes)


The ReWrite

I find Hugh Grant to be overwhelmingly charming – in a good way. About A Boy is one of my favorites from him, as well as his part in Love Actually. Yes, I’m a man and I’ll admit that I like the movie Love Actually. All that aside, I don’t think that Hugh can sell this movie on his own and personally I think that Tomeii is starting to be typecast. (Will I see this? – rental)



A film by Jon Stewart? – Count me in! Again, I doubt my town will air it, but it looks great. I love the true story movies that are current and have only happened within the past 10 years. They are relatable and can really stir an emotional response. (Will I see this? – maybe)


Gone Girl

I’m excited for this … can you tell? (Will I see this? – yes)


I noticed that this week there are quite a few TV shows getting YouTube time with their “trailers” and “sneak peaks” … such as, Doctor Who, the Walking Dead, the Flash, the Affair, American Horror Story and Better Call Saul. Needless to say the trailers for films were lacking … but that might also be largely in part due to the movies playing this weekend – the November Man and the Congress being the 2 most people might see.

What do you guys think about this week’s trailers? Any of them peak your interest? Sound off in the comments below. Yeah, I actually want to hear from you. Any trailers I might’ve missed? Take care and enjoy your movie filled weekend!


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  1. I don’t know anything about the Seventh Son but what I saw in the trailer, but I gotta say, it looks beyond generic. I could see it being a case of a trailer letting down a good movie, but based on nothing but the trailer…

    Foxcatcher looks really intriguing though.

    1. Oh, I can promise you that Seventh Son will be a huge flop and that it will most likely be a bad movie – I’ll still go see it regardless. (not implying that others should follow my lead by any means)

      Foxcatcher is probably one of my most anticipated movies this year.

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