This is What Independence Day Means To Me

You might be wondering what the best child cosplay picture I’ve ever seen up until today has to do with Independence Day.  To be honest, not much.  I can only assume most of you are at barbecues and the beach.  If not, I’m sure many of our readers are either at the movies or spending extra time on their gaming consoles.

But isn’t Independence day all about freedom?  And when I think of freedom, the picture above exemplifies that to the limit.   If not for freedom these parents wouldn’t have the courage to suit up their child to look like the crazed Hannibal Lecter.   Hell this kid won’t even remember that day but we sure will.

It was the day we remember freedom to mold your child into a complete psychopath.   Oh who am I kidding.  I just needed an excuse to post this picture and wish all of you a great day off.  See you tomorrow!

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  1. you don’t have to worry about im running off either, way better than the humiliating backpack attached to a leash my mother made me wear

  2. Little do you that this isn’t a cosplay but it is actually a kid who just sniffed some bath salt in the Garcia household and his parents caught him eating their chihuahuas face.

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