The New Trailer for Maleficent is Surprisingly Creepy and Amazing

The only worthwhile part of the Grammys this weekend (other than Taylor Swift’s soulful performance, *swoon*) was the new trailer for Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent. The movie is meant to show the “other side” of no one’s favorite Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty, from the perspective of the witch responsible for the coma curse.

While I’m not terribly impressed with the footage itself (it looks like a low budget LOTR infused with Snow White and the Hunstman and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland), the way it’s cut together and scored is pretty masterful. That’s Lana Del Rey singing a cover of a song from the original film, and because it’s Lana Del Rey, it literally sounds like a ghost is doing the vocals. Can’t get spookier than that.

I’m skeptical about the movie (and Jolie’s prosthetic cheekbones), but damn, this is a really solid trailer.

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