The Most Ridiculous/Amazing Yandy Halloween Costumes This Year


Unreality is partnering with our old friend Yandy once more this Halloween, and we’ve had some great times with them in the past as they were responsible for my girlfriend’s great Ninja Turtle and Tails costumes a few years ago. Who will she be this year? Well, you’ll have to wait a few more weeks for that.

But before then, I thought I’d showcase a few of Yandy’s more hilarious/amazing/absurd costumes from this year, and they’re always pushing to turn literally anything into a sexy costume, from Gremlins to french fries. Seriously, they have both.

While their biggest selling costume will probably be the above Miley Cyrus VMA Costume, I prefer a few of their other offerings that are more geek-centric in nature. Check those out below:

Sexy Gremlin (I wasn’t kidding)


Sexy French Fries (also not kidding)


Sexy Mike Wazowski


Sexy Pizza (yes.)


Sexy Mario


Sexy Poison Ivy (who to be fair, is normally sexy)


Sexy Sonic


Sexy Killer Whale (what.)


Sexy Link (this is pretty legit)







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  1. The stupidity of those costumes has yet to kill my boner.

    Now show me a woman dressed in a giant Grimace suit with a thong on it and they’re going as “Sexy Grimace” then I’d agree. Until that day, long live Halloween.

    Or as I like to call it, “The way women would dress every day, if it was socially acceptable.”

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