Five Obscure Irresponsible Movie Fathers

We’re all aware of funny movie dads.  And we’re all even aware of the kinds of movie dads that need a little work in the house.  Usually even these guys are portrayed in a comedic way.  But how about the guys that are just truly irresponsible.

But not only that?  Probably the kind of people you didn’t really think of.

That’s what we’re here for.  Check out these six obscure irresponsible movie fathers…..

Gerald Jerry Blake – The Stepfather

I’m pretty sure I picked this because John Locke plays this guy.  His real name is Terry O’Quinn and we’ve mentioned him on this site quite a bit.  But how much more irresponsible can you be than trying to murder you?  I mean come on buddy?  What’s your deal man?

Whoever Mr. Murphy is – Jurassic Park

Think about this one for a second.   We know who his kids are:  Timmy the little dinosaur loving turd and Lex, the self proclaimed pseudo cute hacker.   Sure Mr. Murphy.  Just send your kids to go away to Grandpa’s island where he’s hosting a bunch of blood sucking raptors that nearly bit your kids heads off.  Dr. Grant can’t even stand these kids yet he’s doing a much better job of taking care of them.

Michael Brody – Jaws The Revenge

Michael Brody has been haunted by sharks nearly his entire life.   In Jaws he was put in the hospital by one.  In Jaws 3-D, he refuses to go into the water.  Then in Jaws the Revenge Came out.  His younger brother is killed by a shark.   So he moves to the Caribbean and his mother  moves with him and his kids.  Is it to get away from the water?  Nope.   It’s there that he finds a great white shark.  Clearly Michael knows the dangers of this shark but he keeps it a secret so he can “study” it.  His daughter is almost eaten by the shark a few days later.

Dr. Leo Marvin – What about Bob?

Dr. Leo Marvin takes his family on a vacation and is followed by the mentally ill patient Bob.  Now while Bob is clearly a dangerous and not 100% safe person, he  doesseem harmless enough and his family seems to love him.   But Dr. Marvin must destroy him?  Don’t you think that’s a bit much and setting a bad example.  Oh yeah and he almost blows up his family in doing so.

Jim Baker – Sixteen Candles

Molly Ringwald’s father in Sixteen Candles was so pre-occupied taking care of his older daughter’s wedding that he totally forgot about his younger daughter’s 16th birthday. Beyond that,  he didn’t even remember until the next morning after her birthday was beyond over. Think about that for a second.  16 is supposed to be the “Ultimate Birthday Party” for a 16 year old and there’s a chance she didn’t even get a present.  Include the mom on this one too.

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  1. When taking his grandkids from their father, John Hammond seems like the type to leave out little details like there being live dinosaurs at his theme park. We know he didn’t even tell his lawyer, the mathmetician and the two paleontologists he brought with him either.

  2. I thought you said obscure. Topical reference (remake), summer blockbuster, sequel to summer blockbuster, Bill Murray flick, John Hughes flick. Not really obscure.

  3. In the case of Jurassic Park, I think parental negligence falls upon the children’s mother. It was referenced earlier that Hammond’s daughter was going through a divorce, and generally, custody during a divorce would go to the mother.

    Seems to me that the mother was the one that let the kids go off to the park for the weekend, which was probably already a dick move on her part; keeping Mr. Murphy away from his kids on a weekend.

  4. If you notice, the word ‘obscure’ references the DADS, these are 5 dads you don’t really think about in the movies they’re in. people get way too flustered when movies come up and someone gets something ‘wrong’ but take some reading comprehension classes and maybe you won’t correct people that don’t need to be corrected

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