The Messiest Home Offices We Could Find

By no means am I a perfectionist.  And by no means am I someone who thinks I have a cool, let alone highly desired workspace.   However, I will say that I’m quite aware of when my home office is getting a bit rambled.  And when I see that it’s getting out of hand I usually take action.

And as someone who appreciates art and posts it regularly to this site I thought that you guys would appreciate the visuals of home offices that will leave you writhing in pain.   I mean it takes a ton of effort to make your own home office look this bad and I guess congratulations are in order?

Good God, get a look at some of the messiest home offices we’ve ever come across….

I don’t know how people live like this.  More grossness below…

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  1. The odd part is, while I keep the rest of my house spotless to the point of being OCD’ish, I reserve one room that I allow to be messy but this.. this is pure horror.. I gagged a few times, especially with the cigarette ashes. And I am a smoker.

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