The Matrix as Retold by Mom

Alright, so I swore that yesterday’s Thai Iron Man 3 trailer was the funniest thing you’d see all week, but this video is going to give it a run for its money. A guy watched The Matrix with his mom, and afterwards decided to have her recount the plot to him on video. Afterward, he went through and animated her recap, which makes the story even funnier.

She closed her eyes during all the action parts (what happened after that train was coming??) and thinks that Morpheus is named “Moshimo” for some unknown reason. Anyway, I love this, and I hope he and his mom do a bunch more of these. I’d love to get her thoughts on the Wachowski’s Cloud Atlas if she was confused by The Matrix so much.

Oh hey, I remember this guy. He did something similar when his friend retold the plot of Star Wars. Watch that video below:


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