The Great Battle of Skyrim


Uh, wow.

So many of you probably liked Skyrim, but may have been let down by the climactic battle of the game which was…(spoiler) another dragon fight. Yay! Yes, it was in Sovengaarde and you have ancient Nord heroes helping you hack away at it, but there was still little that differed from past encounters.

Now THIS is what the climactic battle of Skyrim should have been. This seven minute short film shows an epic Skyrim battle between skeletons, wraiths, dwarves, undead dragons and a good and evil Dragonborn. It’s quite simply the most epic video I’ve ever seen to come out of the game, and the damn official mod tools aren’t even out yet. This is truly an amazing creation, and any fans of the game should appreciate it as much as I did.

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  1. Hey Paul. I visit this site everyday and I appreciate the work that you do here. I think a spoiler alert for how Skyrim’s last battle plays out would have been appreciated. It’s a pretty long game, and many of us have not yet completed the main storyline.

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