The Girl Who Only Cosplays Zelda Characters

Today we have a lovely young girl who’s not just into cosplay, but one specific type of it alone. She has four different outfits, all of which are female Zelda characters. As you can see, she certainly has the look, and in addition to the Twilight Princess regalia above, she also does Spirit Tracks Zelda, Marin and Saria, all of which are executed to perfection.

I discovered her cosplay profile here, and it appears she’s such a huge fan, this is pretty much the only game she does. Well, she has a Rainbow Bright costume too, but that seems a bit off topic so I didn’t snag that for this gallery.

Rather all her Zelda themed outfits are below. Throw in Sheik and Princess Ruto, and you pretty much have the full collection. What do you think Na’vi looks like when you get past all that bright shining light?

Check out the other pictures:

Twilight Princess Zelda

Spirit Tracks Zelda



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  1. thats because she’s only been chick characters…im giving her massive props, im a HUGE zelda nerd and i was link for halloween but you try making a costume as legit as those ones! like mine was pretty awesome but not as exact to the game as these ones.
    so far i only know 2 hot zelda nerds. her and me, so good luck finding someone who ‘has the perfect face’ for the character and is willing to actually put together such an epic costume.

  2. @LargestZeldaFan are you really a Zelda fan cause it’s Link that wears a green tunic and wields the master sword and shield and only two of the costumes are Zelda the rest are varies other females from the series.

  3. Omg, the pictures taken while she is dressed as Saria is at The Convention Center in Columbus Ohio. I can show you where each of those pictures were taken. The ones outside were in that little round about for the buses. The last one where she is walking up the steps is in the Hyatt lol I’ll find her and marry her one day LOL

  4. Fantastic cosplay, Love the Kakariko, did you learn Saira’s Song on the Ocarina? Also, Fantastic Zelda, Love it!
    Were making TP’s zelda rendention ATM. The freehand embroidering is taking a while but it’s getting pretty close to authentic.

    @ largestzeldafan, you must be thinking of Link, Zelda is the princess.

  5. This is Akuriko. Someone who sent this is must have been a fake, because Akuriko has a LOT more Zelda costumes and she cosplays lots of other fandoms

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