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The Exceptional Art of Sakimi Chan

Sakami Chan Art 13

Alright I know  I’ve featured the art of Sakimi Chan here at least once or twice, but I thought it was time for them (him? her?) to get their own gallery now that I’ve seen so much of their new work.

Chan is definitely anime inspired, but their work goes far, far beyond simply recreations of existing characters. These are true works of art, and I love the broad range of subjects covered in these pieces from Korra (above) to DC heroes and villains, to Disney Princesses (of course), to Sword Art Online, to The Legend of Zelda and much, much more.

It’s an art gallery you won’t want to miss, and you should check out the best pieces below.

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  1. This art is fantastic, yes, but methinks that she misses the point of Korra. Part of what makes Korra FANTASTIC as a female character is that she ISN’T dolled up and sexed up like most female characters. Any sexiness she has comes from a different place, and not the place that this artist is coming from.

  2. I definitely agree with the above commenter that many online and Deviantart artists are more original and talented than professional artists.

    It frustrates me a little, because many comics and video games have such generic artwork. It would be nice to see some fresh blood in the industry. But most of these people will never be given the chance.

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