The Dangers of Getting Way Too Into a Show (Comic)


To be fair, I expect something along the lines of enjoying a character who later gets killed off. I expected the punchline to be something along the lines of the fan experiencing some sort of depression to the point of suicide (or worse) only to immediately to be introduced to a new character that they will enjoy (thus repeating the cycle).

Than again that joke would be poor in taste since depression and suicide are serious. Especially with that rumor I heard that a Russian kid killed himself after watching the episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure where Kakyoin dies . . . a day before the episode actually aired (1. it makes sense because this is JoJo we are talking about and 2. the number of depression caused by Kakyoin’s death is nothing compare to Ceasers, though personally its Foo Fighters death that really gets me out of all the characters who died).

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