The Boy Who Lived

boy who lived

I liked the Harry Potter series, though I always always a bit unsatisfied with the way it ended. Why? Well, it was TOO satisfying. (spoilers) Voldermort was vanquished, minor characters died and everyone lived happily ever after. That’s all well and good I suppose, but I wanted a bit more from the series.

That’s where this rather interesting alternate ending comes in. It’s created by a fan and wonders what would have happened had JK Rowling made the famed prophecy of the book, “neither can live while the other survives” to mean something quite different.

I won’t ruin it all, but you should check out the graphic below which explains it in more detail.


[via GeeksAreSexy]

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  1. It’s a nice idea. However, once you look at it with the grammar microscope, it’s not the right interpretation. “Either” means one or the other, not both. So the prophecy reads:
    “One of the two must be killed by the other, because it’s not possible for them both to survive at the same time”.

    And then, sadly, it’s trivial that this prophecy can’t be interpreted to grant Harry immortality.

  2. I agree with Cube, it should have been Neville, his story matches, so it would make sense if he was the one and it would have been a cool and unespected twist

  3. Also, Harry at one point or another held each of the hallows. When brought together it is said that the owner would become the master of death.

  4. did you actually read the books cube? coz if you did you’d know tom riddle picked harry because he was a half -blood like himself and posed much more of a threat than pureblodded neville. neville is a success story all his own anyways silly person.

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