The 15 Funniest Whose Lines is It Anyway? Skits

I watched about forty of these clips while compiling this list, and now I’m quite literally sore from laughing so hard. I’m not sure if moment for moment there has ever been a funnier show than Whose Line, and it features some of the most talented people ever to appear on television. Improv is hard, but Ryan, Colin and Wayne make it look effortless. Here are the best clips I could find, but believe me, you’ll spend all day looking for others.

15. Question Only – International Flight

In my opinion this is one of the hardest skits to pull off.

14. Sound Effects – Jedi

Most of the best sound effects clips are when it’s audience members are doing it, but Ryan is just excellent in this one.

13. Dubbing – Rival Mobsters

The girl is actually pretty competent for most of it.

12. World’s Worst – Things to Say on a Date


It’s always funny when they rip on Drew.

11. Scenes from a Hat – What Not to do in an Earthquake, Bad Bra Names

I’m not sure boobs should ever be called “Milk Duds.”

10. If You Know What I Mean – Two Office Guys


This is before “That’s what she said” was invented.

9. Scenes from a Hat – Things You Can Say to Your Dog, but Not Your Girlfriend

You can imagine how this goes.

8. Sound Effects – Tarzan and Jane

Audience members do try their best.

7. Irish Drinking Song – Wrong Name

Sometimes it’s funny when they **** up.

6. Songstyles – Female Bodybuilder

Absolutely terrifying, but awesome.

5. Green Screen – Attack of the Colin

It all started with a rogue bald joke.

4. Sound Effects – Defending the Queen

Old people make the best audience participants.

3. Hollywood Director – Robin Williams

Robin Williams was clearly built for this kind of thing.

2. Sound Effects – Cops and Ducks

This might literally be dangerous to your health. I don’t think laughing this much is healthy.

1. Living Scenery – Richard Simmons

And if you’re not dead yet, this might do it. Probably one of the videos ever to be put on the internet. No joke.

BONUS: Bloopers

“And now we’re going to our next game ‘**** me silly’ ”

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  1. Nice list. I would have inlcuded:

    The Strip-o-gram to the Lunch Lady (maybe 2nd for me)

    Backstreet Boys Bird Greatest Hits

    Colin grabbing everyone’s “everything” in Party Quirks

    And probably not these, but damn, I love the letter H and tapioca.

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