That Gal Actor of the Week: Ellen Foley

I have a very strong feeling that most people who read this site will have absolutely no clue who Ellen Foley is.   And I don’t blame you guys.  She’s really from the 80s if you ask me.  And the funny thing is that she doesn’t even have that many credits to her name.   I think the reason I recognize her so much is because the movies I did see her in, I saw at least 20 times each.

For those that care to know, Foley was in the movie Cocktail as a waitress.  She was also in the movie Fatal Attraction as Hildy.   Ellen Foley just had one of those 80s faces.  She seems like the type who could never be a star but was always acceptable at Hollywood parties.  Call me crazy but that’s just my impression.

In any event, I always like her despite her not being in a ton of movies (14 titles).  I unfortunately don’t even have a clip to show.

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  1. Ellen Foley was in a million things outside of those piddly film bits. She was Dan Fielding’s counterpart on “Night Court” for a good stretch. She dated at least two of the members of The Clash, and (and!) she sang the female part on Meat Loaf’s “Paradise By The Dashboard Light.”

    You know. “Will you love me forever?” That was her. Chick had skills.

  2. Ellen Foley is great. She has just finished filming a drama-comedy feature called “Lies I Told My Little Sister” (coming out in 2013) where she is one of the starring leads, playing the artistic mother of the family. (Film also features the Emmy nominees Alicia Minshew from All My Children and Donovan Patton from Blue’s Clues.) Ellen still has it. Also teaches at the famous School of Rock in NYC.

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