Ten Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Your Own Body

We don’t get into science much on this site but I do like to dabble in the whole “did you know?” genre.  It’s both entertaining and informative.  So what’s better than that?  And what’s more interesting than finding out about your own body and it’s capabilities as well as similarities to other animals and objects?

Check out 10 amazing things you don’t know about yourself after the jump….

Thanks to Listverse for these facts

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  1. This is both lazy and insulting. One picture per page? I think this is the worst article I’ve seen here. Paul should be a little more selective about what gets on this site if he want unreality to be taken seriously.
    And to be honest, Nattyb has not impressed me many times and I know people have complained about him before, so, I think this is the nail in the coffin for me; I wont be reading anything from Nattyb from here on out.

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