The Squid Man is One Terrifying Homemade Mask


If you’re still having trouble finding a costume for Halloween, stick around this site because we’re coming across some ridiculously high quality get ups from both a professional and amateur standpoint.   Take this Imgur user for example.   He created one of the coolest masks I’ve ever seen.  Granted it’s easily one of the scariest, “The Squid Man” is something we should all aspire to make in our lives.  Check out the entire building process below as told by Jesuis Limparfait:


My mans prepped and ready for a life cast. Life cast is when you cover someones face or whole head in a material thats skin safe and will take an imprint. We start with a bald cap, a clean shave and oil on any place that might get stuck. We called him Captain Condom


Almost done with the cast! We covered him in Alginate, which is used for dental molds. You have to work super fast so thats why theres no image. Here a friend is cutting him out, that is not my face in the photo. Also the nostrils are never covered so the person can breath. This is not for the claustrophobic.


The stone mold made from the life cast. Here I’ve added clay to any major dips and crevices this prevents and mold locking when I create the final piece.


Silicone jacket. The stone mold with corrections is covered in silicone. This silicone jacket will be covered in plaster wrap and used to make the fiberglass base that is sculpted upon.


The horrifying fiberglass base. The dots on the eyes aren’t just to haunt your nightmares, its to drill holes to bolt the outer mold to the inner seen above.


Sculpting begins. I had a different vision when I started and it took many hours of sculpting, cursing and restarting to get it to evolve into a functional piece


Coming along nicely. You can see some of the other sculpts from the class in the back. Mine was also just a giant dick to the rest of the class for a very lone time…..


Almost done! I sculpted the teeth from ploymer clay and set them in to check size and fit


Skin texture is in, edges are thin. Its time to cast in fiberglass again!


Turns out I only had pictures of other people casting their sculpts. Here is my finished mold being injected with silicone. Its done upside down.


Silicone has set over night and pre-painting has happened. On the day of the photoshoot we only have 2hrs to get our models into makeup so pre-painting is super important!


Test shot before the photoshoot to make sure its good.


Heres my monster/ It took 3 weeks from life cast to photoshoot to make him. There is no photoshop or editing on these images, just lighting and an amazing photographer.



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