Spiderman Loves 1960s Spiderman Memes And So Do We

Spiderman Meme

In 1967 the world was given a 52 episode animated series of Spiderman and, it, was, AWFUL! As bad as it might have been, the animators and creators of the show had no idea that their very low budget classic would create such a buzz on the interwebs today. (see what I did there?) Now in hopes of not getting slammed for accuracy here, what I’m posting are actually Image Macros of the Internet Meme – 1960’s Spiderman. Every day my co-workers and I try and out do one another with image macros of popular memes. I would guess that about 80% of the time I can find a Spiderman one that fits in perfectly for what I need in order to get a chuckle down the hall. With that in mind, I figured I would post some of my favorites…and yes, I’ll try and keep them as clean as possible for the kids.

Oh and if you haven’t seen a single episode of the 1960’s animated Spiderman show – do yourself a favor and go watch a clip or two on YouTube, then come on back and keep reading.

Like A Boss Spiderman Meme

1960s Spiderman Facebook Meme

1960s Spiderman Neat

1960s Spiderman Harry Potter

1960s Spiderman Lady Gaga

1960s Spiderman Jack

1960s Spiderman Candy Van

1960s Spiderman Balls

1960s Spiderman Arms

And what better way to end this … 

1960s Spiderman Post Cancer

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