Crappy Must See Movie of the Week: Ski Patrol

I guess I could have gone with Hot Dog:  The Movie as being one of the lamest but most awesome ski movies but I have to say that I prefer Ski Patrol.  The real reason is because T.K. Carter is in it and I used to love that guy back in the 80s.  Plus Mr. Hand from Fast Times is also in this movie.

For those of you who care, here’s the synopsis…

A developer attempts to sabotage the safety record of a ski resort.

Yup, that’s the entire thing.  Ha.   Anyway, it’s a crack squad of funny patrol people who are pretty much on a summer job vs. a developer who is doing whatever he can to make this resort his (played by Martin Mull by the way).

You have to see this flick.  

How do you not want to see this?

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  1. I used to watch this movie all the time. I can still see the cover of the VHS at the video store. Of course, that was ages ago and I haven’t seen it in years. Might be time to try and find it again.

  2. I love Ski Patrol. It’s on Netflix to watch instantly right now. I freaked out last month when it was added. A great crappy movie. Even though it has George Lopez in it.

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