Scientist Training Before the Prometheus Mission


The various problems I had with Prometheus have been well documented in this post here, but it’s always nice to know I’m not alone in my assessment. One of the strangest issues in the film was how cavalier the science team was about making first contact with an alien species.

It was so bizarre in fact, that we now have a YouTube short that imagines what a Weyland Industries scientist training class might look like. Goo? Touch it! Hissing alien life form? Put your face near it!

It’s pretty damn funny, and I highly recommend giving it a watch above. I can’t get over how much the main instructor sounds exactly like The Daily Show’s Aasif Madvi for some reason.

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  1. This is completely off topic but I’m just wondering if you plan on doing a VGHS related post. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but in case you haven’t let me tell you about it. It’s Freddie Wong’s feature length, fan funded big budget extravaganza and its awesome. I’m pretty sure the finale was uploaded earlier today but I’ve yet to watch it. All the episodes are available on or YouTube (a week later than rocketjump) if you haven’t watched it I highly recommend it as it seems right up your alley. Peace out.
    P.S. you’re still wrong about Prometheus. 🙂

  2. “Why is your calamari seven feet tall now?” Yeeep, I always had an issue with alien growth. They seem to get mass incredibly quickly. From… somewhere.. SCIENCE? SCIFI? “It’s a movie!?” Maybe I think too much these things.

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