Run For Your Lives – A Zombie 5K


After I finished my last season of track in high school, I said that I would never run again unless something was chasing me. Well, I think I might have found the race for me.

The Run For Your Lives 5K is exactly as awesome as you might think. It’s a 5K obstacle course populated with zombies who attempt to hunt you down and steal flags attached to you, flag football style.

As you can see from the helmet-cam video, getting out “alive” is actually pretty tough, depending on the dedication of your zombie pursuers. Unfortunately you can not murder them with foam bats or paintball guns.

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  1. They got one kinda like that out hear near DC. It’s sponsored by a local parkour group.I’ve never been in good enough running shape to do this, however I may have to this year.

  2. I’m signed up for the one in Boston. Actually got my company to sponsor a team. There’s 20 of us that will be running. It looks an amazing experience. Not cheap, though. So register early!

  3. I did this race! Shame this was a different time or you might have been able to see me. Nevertheless, it was just as much fun as it looks. Although it was pretty hard if you were in bad shape.

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