The Rise of the Machines is Real and It’s Scary


With the introduction of technology, the workplace has changed considerably over the last 50 years. Offices have so many new pieces of equipment to make life easier and increase efficiency that it seems that it won’t be long before Artificial Intelligence takes over completely.

We take a look at the different ways Artificial Intelligence is being used and whether the introduction of robots into offices means that there is a possibility of jobs, currently being carried out by humans, being allocated to AI.

If this does turn out to be the case we ask ‘How safe is your job?’, and look at scenarios where the most likelihood of replacement robots will be used.

Artificial Intelligence design continues to evolve at an alarming rate and while we embrace these changes it could mean current working practices and workforces will become a thing of the past within the next decade.

Take a look at the infographic below to see whether your job is possibly at risk from an AI takeover. If it is we’ve included some job roles that, for the time being only humans can accomplish, that you may need to learn in order to remain employable as the Rise of The Machines becomes reality.



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