Revisiting My Isle of Misfit Toys

“Only room for one over-powered blue villain in this toy box!”

I’m currently home for Thanksgiving, and in an effort to clean out the house, my mom is having me go through some of my old stuff to see what I want to keep. I stumbled across my old collection of action figures, something that took me years and hundreds of dollars in allowance money to amass. Opening it up, I was overwhelmed by memories.

I’ve gone through and taken a few shots of my favorite figures in action. It’s a bit of a glimpse into my nerd roots, and I’m sure many of you have similar boxes out there somewhere. I wasn’t the type of kid to keep things in their boxes to retain their value. Rather I mashed them together in heated battles with my friends, and broke and scuffed quite a few of them along the way.

The photo retrospective starts below, come take this nostalgic journey with me.

One box of three. As you can see, I wasn’t the most meticulous collector.

I may not have kept them in the box, but I did save the backings. These are totally worth money, right???

These are some of the old-timers. They’re quite…quaint compared to the others.

They grow up so fast.

“Dude, you are totally getting sued for patent infringement.”

“Well that was anti-climactic”

Why the hell does Spider-Man need a car? Can’t he just zip around everywhere?


Either this is “Power Squat Wolverine” or he came with a motorcycle I lost.


Silver Surfer, you suck.

Chewie finds himself outmatched.

“Can you help me up? My karate kick action leg is stuck.”

“Ahahahah I need to get my camera!”

“I hate you.”

Monster-off. I honestly have no idea what the thing on the right is.


“Now no one will know I’m The Thing!”


“Why are you on the ground?”

“You try standing up when your legs don’t have joints.”

“Why are you wearing ridiculous armor?”

“The nineties man, the nineties.” 

“Well, I always said I wanted to be more like Aquaman.”

“No no no no, you have the wrong guy. My stupid stylist said this costume would be eye catching.”

These four were my favorites. Great characters, and great figures that were solid enough to bang against each other in battle. Except for Gambit, whose arm broke off and is only being held in place by his jacket. That was a sad day.

They didn’t always get along so well.

So long guys, thanks for all the great times.

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  1. Yep, it’s a Brood. I had one as a kid…the button on the back either made the wings flap or jaw open, can;t remember. Either way it was kinda lame. I’d make him team up with my xenomorphs then put wolverine in rippley’s power loader to even things up.

  2. someone please tell me who the villains are in #6. The yellow and black remind me of superman characters but I can’t put my finger on it to save my life.

  3. I had a lot of those toys myself, glad to know that I am not the only one who felt toys were made for acting out all out melees between WWF, DC, Marvel and WCW/NWO!

  4. That Brood and Sentinel figure both make me insanely jealous. I ended up selling or donating all of the toys I had as a kid. I think the only thing I have left is the Ninja Turtles Technodrome and my friends kids have all of my Street Shark action figures.

  5. @MPstyle: That’s Conduit, and you’re right, he IS a Superman villain. I would say it’s odd that Paul had two of him, but. . .so did I. Maybe it’s more odd that we BOTH had two of them, I don’t know.

  6. Awesome dude! I could bring over my X-Men figures and we could play for hours! hahaha

    That was great to see, I haven’t seen those X-Men figures in years. Sadly my Mom got rid of my X-Men, but I still have plenty of WWE figures! I actually downloaded blue-prints for a stage/entrance way complete with ramp back in 1999 before they were making such a thing for the wrestling figures and my dad helped me make it out of wood. Still have it, as well as a wooden but realistic announce table he helped me make and a break away wooden table. People were as ambitious with their interests on the net in 1999 with dial-up, just as much as they are now. Oh the memories.

  7. I remember a lot of these guys. I played with almost all of ’em. But…my attention span wavered a lot. I went from action figures to cars, from cars to legos, from legos to barbies(I’m female, in case you’re wondering)and from barbies to clay figures that I made. Because of my short attention span, I often neglected my toys and then they got sent to thrift shops. I still have my barbies and stuff animals though. And I blame the third Toy Story for that. I can’t get rid of my barbies or any other of my left over toys now.

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