Reversing Position on the Coolness of the New Ninja Turtles Once More


Well this has turned into quite a saga hasn’t it? First, the new Ninja Turtles were unspeakably lame with their Halloween costume debut. Then they were kind of badass with a new revelation. Now? I don’t know what to think.

This is supposedly the first new poster from the Michael Bay-produced film annnnnnd I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get past Donatello wearing both ridiculous sunglasses AND night vision goggles. Raphael has sunglasses too, which is mildly irritating, but at least he ONLY has sunglasses and not like a monocle or something as well.

I don’t know, now I have expressly mixed feelings and I’ll have to wait until like, an actual trailer to fully make a judgement call. You’d think with all these leaks, they’d just release something official already.

[via Geekologie]

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  1. Not likely to change anyone’s opinion one whit, but those are regular glasses Don’s wearing, not sunglasses, complete with tape in the middle. Feel free to blow up about the age-old nerd cliche, though.

  2. It looks like they are trying to appeal to young kids in hoping that they’ll sell a tons of toys after the movies out. Well, we all saw what good that made of a good franchise… looking at you Lucas!

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