Polish Spider-Man is Kind of a Dick


“With great power comes great responsibility.”

That’s the lesson Peter Parker got from his Uncle Ben in America, but sadly Poland’s Petyr Parkinski got not such sage advice after he got his powers.

As such, he spends his time less on saving ordinary citizens and helping the police, but rather harassing both parties like its his job. In the video above he webs people and cops alike, showing how much more tolerant Poland PD  is than our own officers, who probably would have beaten his ass down with nightsticks if he tried to pull something like this.

I think my favorite moment in the whole video is when he jumps into the circle. You’ll see.

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  1. Sorry, Trash, but your version needs improving…

    Spider troll, spider troll
    Watch him now ’cause he’s on a roll
    Bothering people every place
    Squirting web, into your face,
    Here comes the Spider troll.

  2. I love how the guy at the end is so up tight that he feels it’s up to him to end the fun.
    “How dare you have fun and brighten up an otherwise dreary ride on the train while I’m old and nearby.”

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